This chapter indulges in the fantasy of "what if you could go to a place?" Also I guess there's talking animals and magic.

Read from the beginning:

If you're wondering how I determine if something is TOO HORNY for my (ostensibly) PG-13 comic, the answer is: "it's OK as long as it's leading to a joke."

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@idesofmerch I can't believe you are trying to murder me with this comic page

@idesofmerch it's all okay so long as somebody goes "a bloo bloo bloo, that's my sad baby ass"

@idesofmerch hate to point it out but "the paper has painted as" in the first panel

@RavenWorks I was waffling between "I've been painted as" and "has painted me as" and I guess I was mid-change when I committed. It'll update on the site soon.

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