This chapter indulges in the fantasy of "what if you could go to a place?" Also I guess there's talking animals and magic.

Read from the beginning:

@idesofmerch Hey, I know those nerds in the foreground of the third image! Glad to see Gates and Dr. Bigbaps are doing well in Pilotside's current political climate.

@Ferrovore I have been waffling on whether or not Gates is Spry's sister for almost two years now.

@idesofmerch To be completely honest, right up until we saw Spry himself I was willing to assume there'd been a name change and some HRT involved at some point. Like not in an "oh this is CLEARLY what happened" sense, just that it would've been a reasonable character development to me if it had.

@Ferrovore Gates is much less impulsive than Spry, and her nose is turned the right way. Spry has serious asthma because of nasal twisting and I've literally never figured out a way to bring it up!

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