I'm literally the youngest you can be, legally, to go out with someone half your age and let me ask you: Why would you want to do this?

Tails: You're the only adult we know, so I had you registered as our legal guardian!
Rouge: That's great. When you die I inherit all your belongings.
Tails: Ah geez, wish you would have just thought that second part.

Scotch Bonnet Pepper may as well have "fuck around and find out" on the label because I did and I did.

I'm stalling while readying the next chapter, so have some pin-ups, if you don't mind

Or read my comic - pilotside.us/chapter/the-day-t

@nuala It's like the opposite of a liminal space, an exceedingly finite and shrinking one, which we all know but try to avoid both subconsciously and consciously.

It's funny when people think of arcades from the 70s and 80s as some neon wonderland and not a place that looks like somewhere you go to get murdered, as pictured below.

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Speaking of doomed software, have this utterly indescribable promotional video for Flaii, from 2009 youtube.com/watch?v=dmEtTy_7Oz

@minx Yep! The Die Hard arcade game is the first game with modern QTEs in it, the Tony Hawk games were built on-top of their previous game, a 3rd person shooter starring Bruce Willis, and Moonlighting was a mega-hit, calcifying a lot of will-they-won't-they tropes, both good and bad. He got Die Hard off of that.

Things Bruce Willis is indirectly responsible for:
Modern video game QTEs
The 90s popularity boom in skateboarding
The sitcom-star-to-action-movie pipeline

I got Sonic Forces on sale and if it hadn't come out at the same time as Sonic Mania I think people would have liked it a lot more. It's certainly not as good as Mania but it's still fun!

There's only going to be 40 hits, me hitting you, you hitting the ground, the 37 top 10 hits of Holland, Dozier and Holland, and then me hitting you again because it's been over an hour.

Made some eShop purchases. Can't wait to tell people if I still think Crash Bandicoot is a terrible games for monstrous perverts.

Hell is watching the light slowly flicker out of Aisha Tyler's eyes as she tries to tell jokes to the world's least receptive audience in-between showing games no one could possibly care about for an eternity.

Every E3 I get disappointed that Sega didn't announce a port of the game Switch for Switch, where it could join fellow Sega CD game Double Switch on Switch.

They say that for some things you have to experience them to form an opinion, and let me tell you mine about when a carpenter ant crawls into your face mask and bites you a bunch of times: It's bad!

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