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The correct situation to watch Evolution (2001) is when you are reeling from your second covid vaccine and let me tell you: It's a movie that you can pay a little bit of attention to.

Cancel Ben Ten? And risk pissing off the Incest Shippers Union?

We watching Little Mermaid for the first time in maybe a decade and it's really impressive how lean that story is told. It's just really, really tightly paced. It's also hard to shake that, at it's heart, it's a film about Sebastian trying not to get in trouble.

The only REAL cinema sin is whether or not a film has a Jackie Chan-styled blooper reel during the credits.

If you tell someone you have seasonal depression they'll give you advice on everything but the real solution to the problem: Stopping the rotation of the Earth around the sun.

pitch to improve the American Flag: Change that star field to Garfield.

I think a lot about how, when I was a kid, my assumption was that most video game music would be punk or metal if they were allotted full audio capabilities but honestly it'd probably be closer to Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and they'd be right to do so.

My weed nightmare is making a blunt big enough to share with all of Polyphonic Spree, and then none of them showing up and me having to smoke the whole thing by myself.

Last night I watched the classic anime Project A-Ko and it's surprising how obviously it started as pornography.

Mother 3 is a kids game that isn't really for kids, but because it's too sad.

the hardest things to believe about the X-Files is that the government could be so competent about literally anything, and that a man who seems like he's had to go to the hospital multiple times for getting a Pringles can stuck to his hand is the one who's going to expose them.

I don't know if any Hindu scripture explicitly mentions the Goddess of War Durga's huge honkers, but this artist is POSITIVE it's in there, and I respect that.
cw: said depiction of Durga from the temple of Aihole

Looking up various ancient deities and such for a project and getting mad that "people being cowardly when it comes to drawing monstrous women" is an entire-human-history problem.

30 foot tall Egyptian God with the head of an ibis, and his Goddess counterpart, a lady wearing a headband with cat ears on it.

Well you COULD sleep on your side, but if that's too much for you you can always rub a big steaming shit on your front door. That'll stop pretty much anything with half a mind from bothering you, I reckon.

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This list of things you can do to prevent a Mare from stealing your energy while you sleep is NOT listed in order of severity.

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