@ieure What's the little Ergodox-like one on the top right of the first picture?

@ieure Also, as an Ergodox user, what do you think about the Keyboardio? I've got two Ergodoxes, I'm curious to see if you think it's an improvement.

@billwiens There's a lot I like about it, but Ergodox is still my daily driver. I love the tilt/swivel bases and sculpted keycaps. Not a fan of the Fn key location, which I find hard to avoid pressing. And I wish it ran QMK.

@ieure That’s good info, thanks. I wonder if I could make my own tilt/swivel bases for my Ergodox. Not sure if it’d work quite as well since they’re a lot lighter (not full hand).

@billwiens I'd be very interested to see anything you come up with. I've definitely thought about either a custom base (or whole new case), but haven't done anything. Easy mode is probably making wooden wedges the boards can lay on.

@ieure My current setup is two door stops taped to the bottom, which isn’t as ugly as it sounds.

@ieure Is that a, ‘HiPro’, Realforce in the bottom-left of the first photo? Very nice. 👍🏻

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