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@socialismdoer A pile of adapters and cables. The terminal uses MMJ, which is like RJ14, but with the retainer clip offset. So MMJ cable, MMJ to RS232 adapter, DB25 to DB9 null modem cable, serial to USB adapter. And agetty(8) on my Linux laptop.

@ieure I did this except in emacs was a 420 blaze it I am defeated

@ieure I miss my VT420. I sold it years ago figuring I'd never use it again. Since then, I wish I hadn't several times a year. :/

@ieure I take it back. Looking at pics, I actually had a VT520. Still, miss that thing. Wish I still had it.

And yeah, wow. A VT-05 would be amazingly retro. Probably super hard to find these days.

@b4yp They're impossible, and cost thousands.

I knew a place that had dozens of Wyse terminals hooked to a Xenix machine, and I wish I'd saved some of that setup. It all went into a dumpster.

@ieure this is the sort of content I signed up for :D :bananadance:

@ieure I‘ve never seen a white VT420 before. Only amber in person and green on pictures.

@js White phosphor (P4) was an option as well, and was more popular going into the 90s, which this model is from. I remember "paperwhite" VGA monitors were a popular low end option for people who worked primary with documents.

Inverse is enabled (black on white) Because that's how I usually roll, and also it looks amazing.

@ieure Oh right, I set mine to amber on black immediately and forgot that the default is a bright background.

But IMHO amber is still much nicer than white 😉

@js They're all good in different ways, luck of the draw that mine is white phosphor. Would have been happy with any of the three options.

@ieure this is one of the better hipster setups i've seen

@ch4plin Only a little. Feels weird to call hardware contemporary with my own life "retro." This is from 1993, I was a teen and maybe a year out from discovering Linux (Slackware 2.0.1) when it was built. I get that it is, it just feels weird.

Also, I'm logging into my real machine and attaching to my normal Emacs session.

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