There’s a book, I read it many years ago under the title “The Stardroppers”, but an earlier and shorter draft was also published under the title “listen! The stars”, about a small Device that looks like a radio, but allows you to listen to the vibrations of the stars. This is the titular stardropper.

I like the book. It’s a cheesy sci-fi thriller. I want a stardropper.


@ajroach42 John Brunner! He wrote a lot of great books, have you read any of his other stuff?

@ieure Bruner, yeah!

I’ve read a bunch of his novellas (ace double book editions) and a handful of his pulpier paperbacks.

Nothing I’ve sought out intentionally, just stuff that has filtered through my hands.

@ajroach42 Nice. He wrote a ton. Shockwave Rider is worth reading, it's proto-cyberpunk.

@ieure I’ll check it out!

And yeah, dude was prolific AF. Often published multiple novels a month.

@ieure he did s good job with hard boiled SF. Thrillers, with science fiction trappings.

Simple concepts elevated.

Very unlike most other sci-fi writers of his era, IMO. His works were relatable, and rarely weird for weird’s sake.

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