Went to big box store for a last minute supply run and was stopped dead in my tracks by this.

I watched what I assume is this version (but may have featured a different voice cast) via the web ages ago, and I've written about shada at length, but I never expected to see a copy on the shelves at a major retailer.

I nearly bought it, even.

For those who are unfamiliar, this is Douglas Adams famously unfinished doctor who episode.

Seeing as it was unlikely to ever be released, Adams recycled the plot in to his novel Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency, replacing the doctor with the titular gently (and effectively making Dirk gently doctor who fan fic)

Then it was rereleased as a radio episode and a flash animation, and a fan novel, and a recut fanedit, and a VHS with linking narration, and an official novel, and now this.


@ajroach42 Kinda-sorta? Gently did all the sleuthing, but I think Professor Chronotis is closer to the Doctor, since he's the hundreds-of-years-old character with a time and space machine. Maybe the Doctor after he got tenure.

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