@ajroach42 *sigh*

I wish my ST Book still worked, but I haven't been able to resurrect it after the original hard disk broke a couple of years ago (even though the vital ST Book specific software should be on the ROM disk)...

@ieure @ajroach42 It is, but since it's Atari, it also isn't...

Very few were built (mine has serial number ...000119), and most of those were the 1MB RAM version (non-upgradeable), which was almost useless when they were finally released. No way to connect a floppy drive, and the only way to initially get things on there was some custom serial transfer software. The display is made from two different panels (as visible on the second picture), and has no backlight. The mousepad was difficult.

@galaxis @ieure I feel like "It's awesome, but since it's Atari it also Isn't" is some powerful sentiment.

Like, Atari 7800? Awesome graphics, the worst sound of any console since the 2600 (because it just used the 2600's sound chip.)

Lynx? Falcon? Jaguar? similar situation.

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