EmacsConf 2019 is tomorrow. Even if a conference about Emacs doesn't seem like your thing, it's worth taking a look at how it's being put on.

It's 100% remote, all talks are live streamed, live transcriptions are posted to IRC. Audience questions are taken from a different IRC channel.

It's the conference version of "everybody dials in." I'd like to see more conferences put on this way.

@ieure A handful of glitches with the streams etc. so far, but I struggle with random people, have never got conversations going at conferences, and this Jitsi + irc thing really shows the way for a certain style of low carbon conference. I'm pro.

@ieure I'm also impressed and I'm even considering not going to FOSDEM this year, only to watch recordings later (in order to avoid flying to Brussels, which would be so CO2-expensive)

Have you heard of BTM[1]?

It's a Minecraft conference done in-game.
There's a Minecraft server on which the convention center is built, with lecture rooms, booths, etc. Slides are shown on text-mode displays of in-game computers. Voice chat is done with Mumble with positional audio, and lecture-room-specific channels for listening to talks. Questions are asked on in-game chat.


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