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This is a big ol' list of the public domain movies I watched this year, with links and short reviews or descriptions.

If you find it useful, I'd love to know.

If you have questions, or comments, this is the place for them.

If you notice problems, I accept PRs (on github, at the moment, but we'll fix that eventually.)

#blog #movies #publicDomain #PD

@ajroach42 The bit in /The General/ with the cannon on the train is action comedy at a level that film has perhaps never surpassed.


@bstacey @ajroach42 I know Keaton isn't exactly unknown, but he was god damn brilliant and deserves significantly more recognition. Gags so good they're still being copied 100 years later. Incredible effects work. Writer, director, actor, stuntman -- he did it all, and did it better than most can do any single one of those things.

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