Here's my latest keyboard, a TEX Shinobi. It's a ThinkPad X220/T420/T520 style layout, but with mechanical switches. USB-C and optional Bluetooth.

I got the kit version, and used Kailh BOX Jade switches.

@ieure is the trackpoint legitimate? if so, i want this so bad it hurts.

@brennen It's real and fully functional, has the same move/scroll/click stuff as a ThinkPad. I don't know if it's the same part Lenovo uses. It feels really good to me, and I use the ThinkPad TrackPoint almost exclusively when in laptop mode (vs sit-at-desk mode).

They're shipping now, I have the feeling that these will be highly sought in the future.

@ieure welp.

i've been dealing with another bad round of RSI and thinking it's about time to switch keyboards (changing it up seems to help as much as anything specific to a board), so i can just about justify this to myself. the problem now is i have no idea which switches to go with. research in order, i suppose...

thanks for link!

@brennen Anything Cherry is pretty bad, IMO. I prefer tactile, clicky switches on everything. I really like the Kailh BOX Jades I put in; Gateron Blues are also good.

If you prefer tactile non-click, BOX Royal or Gateron Brown are good choices.

@bhtooefr Wow, same switches even.

I agree about the linear mouse buttons. After using them a bit, I guess it's okay, but I sure would have loved some Choc switches in there. It's unfortunate that Cherry doesn't make low-profile switches that click.

@ieure I'm seriously considering one of these. How did you get the kit? I only see options for the Cherry switches

@ieure Duh! I found it in the navigation bar. I was initially looking at the completed build page.

Where have you purchased the Kailh switches? I bought a test switchboard some time ago on eBay and I really liked them, I prefer them very much to Cherry's. I will probably follow your advice and mount them on the kit.

@cfenollosa Yeah, it's somewhat hard to find the kit. I bought the switches from KPRepublic, one 70-pack and one 10-pack, I think it was like $56 shipped.

@ieure Sorry to bother you again, I need some help, it's my first time purchasing a kit.

I'm at this page:

I have selected Switch: "Non-Switch" and Metal plate: "US-ASCII", but in Keycap Print, I see an option "Print(US/EU/JP)".

I'm not sure how to select that I want the US-ASCII layout.

Which options did you choose? I basically want the same setup you showed in the pic 😊

@cfenollosa I think if you select the US-ASCII plate and Print(US/EU/JP), you get the US-ASCII printed caps.

My exact selections were:
US-ASCII metal plate

X Add BLE upgrade Kit
X Add extra Shinobi keycap US Layout

@ieure Thanks for your help. I will probably order the BLE too. Just out of curiosity, what are the extra Shinoby keycaps?

@cfenollosa They're a spare set, for when one gets shiny.

They're made out of ABS plastic, which is relatively soft and will start showing wear in around a year of daily use. And they're custom for this board, to fit the trackpoint.

@ieure ordered! Plus a set of kailh box light blues. I’ll be anxiously waiting for the packages. Thanks for your tips!

@ieure I like the lilac enter key, reminds me of real IBM kit.

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