JUST LOOK at this incredible chonky terminal, which is now mine

The HP's CRT has the old-style glued-on implosion shield, and the glue is disintegrating, which is why it has the spotted/speckled appearance. It's 100% fixable by separating the shield and re-affixing it. So it's just ugly for now, but fundamentally works.

Both of them work! They were scooped from an electronics recycling drop-off. Someone just set them out and drove off. Everyone trash is my treasure, I guess.


Here's the inside of the HP. Pretty nicely loaded! Has the display enhancement card, which gives you blinking and low intensity characters, and 8K RAM.

It's based on the Intel 8080.

Here's the VT220. Setup is very similar to the VT420 I already had.

A neat feature is the video out port, so you can mirror the video on an external monitor. Real handy when you have a client across the desk you want to show something to, but don't want to flip the terminal around.

"But Ian," you may ask, "why do you own three dumb terminals?"

The answer, of course, is that I only own three because I haven't found a good VT100 and VT-05 yet.


But Ian, why do you call them dumb terminals? I don't see an ADM3A anywhere...

@seachanged I haven't found one! That said, they're not really my style. That VT-05, though, daaaamn. I love them.


Were you young and romantic when you met your first VT-05, or is this a Spring-Autumn kind of love affair?

@ieure Ha, a VT-100, that takes me back some time. The first device I used to access the internet, though I did know it at the time. I think it was hooked up to a VAX/VMS machine.

I was talking to this guy in the terminal room and telling him I had heard of this internet thing, but did not know how to access it.

He said: "But you are on the internet now. You have an e-mail address, right?"

Me: "Yes, but that is just for sending in my homework."

He: I am about to blow this man's mind.

Now's your chance (ebay) 

@ieure ebay.com/itm/1972-DEC-VT05-M22-185-Terminal-A-Historic-First/265026257738

Now's your chance (ebay) 

@elb @ieure I like how the pictures are taken on a dining room table, as modern desks aren't deep enough to handle a vt05 :)

Now's your chance (ebay) 

@phooky @elb @ieure They're also good pictures, so I saved a copy of those...

Now's your chance (ebay) 

@elb Oh damn, this is the sort of high-quality enabling I crave. We'll see how wild the price gets in the next couple days, but I'm in.

Now's your chance (ebay) 

@ieure It's already too rich for my blood, sadly, because I've spent too much on vintage computing during quarantine. I love it, though.

@ieure Interestingly, the VT100 has both a composite output _and_ a composite input, and if video synced to the composite output is provided on the input, it will overlay the terminal screen on that video. It cannot, however, do its own sync.

@elb I had no idea, but that's incredibly badass. So I guess if you hooked up a video source that used the top 2/3rds of the screen, you could have live video with terminal text underneath?

@ieure You could!

I'm not sure what all versions of the VT100 support that feature, but I know that my VT100 and VT105s do.

@elb @ieure I did not realize this was possible with a VT100 and am going to have to experiment!

@phooky @ieure I've wanted to experiment with it since I found out. I have a bunch of old video processing hardware, but I'm not sure if any of it can sync composite sources.

I've used the video out, it doesn't look so hot on a color display, but it looks nice on a monochrome monitor (beautiful on, for example, a Monitor //c).

@phooky @ieure I didn't remember the signal being so wide, but it is on both the Monitor //c and the Monitor ][.

@ieure when I worked at Digital in the late 1980s I was upgraded from a VT100 to VT330 and I thought I had been flung into the 21st century

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