I've been really enjoying this new album from Against Evil:

They're an Indian band with a lot of classic NWOBHM & thrash influence.

A thing that really tickles me about this band is that they're able to walk the line between metal-cheesy and being really sincere. There are plenty of examples of both, but not many that successfully combine the two.

Like this music video, which they shot during India's lockdown, and is mostly video of fans of the band singing along:

It's damn good, top to bottom.

And the song itself is a straight-up love letter to heavy metal. I'm way into it.

@ieure I've been listening to Unleash the Archers and Lords of the Trident a lot lately. They both fall well into the cheesy box, but are brilliant musicians nonetheless.

@stenpett I'll give them a spin. This sort of authentic cheese is much more palatable to me than, say, Manowar.

@ieure Enjoy! Personally, I think Unleash the Archers is the best thing to happen to Power Metal since Dio was waving his longsword around!

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