People still don't know how an RSS reader works lol like they never did, now less than ever

@plastiq Facebook is the worst, and also the most popular RSS reader.

True, Facebook twitter activity defi all functionally RSS readers , could replace backbonedb with plain ass RSS/atom, link tgrm all together etc.

But see people don't want to have to copy and paste links, or manage multiple clients, they will sacrifice that freedom for the convenience offered by a private service

You may be uh interested in this paid RSS service that parses webpages into RSS feeds, lmao, you can do this free with Googlenews, or just write a script with tinyrss or something..


The shame is many major news services don't offer RSS feeds, and nothing to do with $cost they want your browser footprint, get you logged in, make money directly or indirectly. Sad

But they can get away with this because so few people use rss

@plastiq That's a cool service, but I am a huge cheapskate and would rather write my own thing(s) than pay anything for anything. I wrote a thing that scrapes a local radio station and makes a RSS feed from their archives I can plop into my podcast client. Which is also my RSS reader. Which runs inside Emacs.

No I hate them, lol, it is kindof absurd to pay for that, should just be free considering your sharing deeply personal info and these guys at least are selling your data...

Just a bit of Google foo, I hate Google but can't beat free, I use this for rueters and apnews but most newssites/blogs can't get parsed like this , just replace rueters.com with whatever, sub dirs work like rueters.com/world/us

Just past into RSS reader


I don't really like Google as news aggregator but its there

Ap and rueters did away with their RSS feeds a while back

@ieure The most hyped of these services (substack) at least provides RSS by default. Not that they actively show it, but it is part of their FAQ: support.substack.com/hc/en-us/

@ieure the good part is that it keeps my RSS feed curated and I know when I'm opening Microflux (my preferred Miniflux app), it will mostly be good content and not a bunch of commercial spam.

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