WireGuard was actually kind of a hassle to get set up, because everrrryyyything Really Wants me to write wg-quick config files and then import them to other tools that ignore a bunch of the stuff in them, which seems preposterously dumb to me.

But now that it's working, it's pretty dang nice.

@ieure I tried (and failed) to set up Wireguard on one of my servers at home before our vacation. I ended up with a simple OpenVPN VM I set up a few years ago instead.

Perhaps now that my vacation is over, I'll give it another go. It sounds brilliant! OpenVPN can be a hassle at times...

@stenpett I got it going just in time for a week vacation, followed directly by a three-day work trip.

I've run both OpenVPN and StongSwan, and this is definitely nicer. You never have to connect/disconnect, once it's up, it just works.

I'm using my OpenWRT router at home as the server and NetworkManager on my Debian laptop.

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