It's from 1957 or '58. House around the corner from me is up for sale and I saw it in the photos of the listing. Walked over for open house and left contact info, they said I could have it for my favorite price, freeeeeeee

House was built in 1960 and is being sold by the original owner, so they bought the TV set at almost the same time. Could have been a previous model year clearance sale.

Either way, super cool set.

21", "roundie" tube. The thing up above the display is a channel indicator. The tuning dial is on the right-hand side, so there's a front-facing indicator so you can see what channel you're on.

@ieure Sweet! That top thingy above the screen accepts light pulses so you can even rig up your own remote

@cypnk Hmmm, you think so? The ultrasonic "clicker" style debuted only ~2 years before this set, I don't think anything had any other mechanism until many years after.

@ieure Oh, I think you're right. I may be confusing this with the ultrasonic mechanism. Could try flashing something at it and see what it does. If it's ultrasonic, it should do nothing, but the optical system should change the channel or something

@cypnk Yep... Just an indicator. Belt drive from the tuner. Either it's an electric motor or the tuner is frozen.

@ieure Ah, bummer. That looks like it's just the indicator. I was mistaken, this isn't the optical version. Still, it's a great find

@ieure how do you get a picture on it? What signal does this even accept? 🤯

@Bubu Old TVs only have antenna inputs, which you can apply an RF modulated NTSC signal to.

Or you can add a AV jacks which bypasses the tuner.

@ieure thanks. What do you plan to use it for? :)

@Bubu For now, taking up space. Eventually, I want a raspi streaming old TV shows from my NAS to it.

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