This trad metal album I bought recently is great. Just some fun straight-up oldschool metal. Been enjoying the hell out of it.

I like plenty of modern metal, too, but I love that bands are still putting out stuff like this.

While I'm on the subject of heavy metal: Encyclopaedia Metallum is an absolute treasure. It's a shockingly comprehensive database of detailed info about just about every metal band ever, their discographies, review, info about their members, etc etc. Over 100,000 bands, entirely independent & not for profit.

It's a relic of the golden age of the Internet, when it was a comfortable home for fanatical devotees to fly their freak flags, before the Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Twitichification of everything. It'd probably fail horribly if it was launched in 2021.


Another lost treasure of the internet is the FAQ.

Just look at this goddamn thing. Thousands and thousands of words, chock-full of battle tested wisdom, enough to help anyone with some motivation solve their problems. Zero monetization, zero bullshit. What ever happened to that Internet? I sure do miss it.

@ieure At some point in this FAQ, the writer mentions that a common way VCRs were abused was as "toy storage".

I can totally see this issue arising as a parent.

Luckily, that won't be a problem for us, we don't have any VCRs!

@urusan @ieure I thought “little kid puts a sandwich in the VCR because they thought it was hungry” was a classic comedy trope, but it probably hasn't been one for the past 20 years lol

@ieure every once in a while when I take leave of my senses I think about writing an NNTP interface to Reddit, and then categorizing subreddits I to newsgroups.

Then sanity returns and I move on with a "What the hell was I thinking..."

Maybe some day.

@bonifartius @ieure fair! But he also wrote it while NNTP was still something people were tinkering with. It was going downhill to be sure, but was still around...

I actually looked into NNTP a bit when I first had this cockamamie idea. ITS A MESS. Long before XML or YAML or any form of data encapsulation. Email to NNTP is a cinch in that context.

Oh god, if we talk about it too much, IT MIGHT HAPPEN.

@ieure Well that internet still exists and probably still has at least the same number of people participating in it.

But it's just not the mainstream one.

The kind of mindset of collectively putting your digital work on public access because if it's useful to you why not others is sadly a quite niche one.

@lanodan @ieure

It doesn’t, really. A year or so back, I checked out a few of my old haunts and they were mostly ghost towns. A few stalwarts posting occasionally, some political loons and spammers. It was depressing.

@suetanvil @ieure I don't mean usenet, that space is mostly dead.
I mean the sharing and caring space of the internet, including on the web.


"My VCR wouldn't play my Rambo tape so I opened it up and found this silver
thing was out of line - you know, all cockeyed. So I tried to straighten
it with a pair of Vise Grips(tm) but I must not have done it quite right as
now all I get is snow and it makes these crunching noises. Maybe you will
have more luck"

I LOLed.

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