BandCamp Friday is tomorrow!

If you have music for sale, reply and I'll boost!

If you have recommendations of any sort, I'd love to hear them!

I will boost literally any kind of music you may have for sale or recommend. You could be hyping high-res 32-bit 384khz FLACs of farting into a tin can and I'd still boost it.

But if I do like it, I'll probably buy a copy.

This is one of the weirdest releases I've ever seen on Bandcamp:

Two tracks, each over 20 minutes long.
"Buy Digital Album $1,000 USD or more"
"A mysterious gift is included with your purchase"

This is a great value. The artist's last release was $1000 for only a single 27-minute track. It's like a two for one!

If you input any price into Bandcamp containing a contiguous "666," it throws up the horns.

@ieure this EP from last year is still my most popular thing, working on a new one rn

@rozina In "I don't know what I expected" news, I filled out some Musicbrainz tags for this release, and got downvoted for removing a single comma from a track name.

If you have two seconds, could you indicate to me whether you explicitly intended "rave pt 2" to be spelled like that, or did you intend it to be "rave, pt 2"?


I'm enjoying the music, though!

@ieure i intended for it to be "rave pt 2" and for it to be spelled like that (it shows up on the album as being spelled like that)

@ieure I will always recommend the wild jazzy soundtrack from my friends' game Genesis Noir

@ieure cool! here's some weird funky techno made with cheap devices and a homemade modular synth 😊

@ieure our back catalogue is available on whilst we prepare our album for release

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