Dear fellow Tooters, it's #FirstFridayMusic but I don't have new-to-me music this month. So I though I'd look into my collection and pull out a couple of artists whose works I have heartily enjoyed.

If you're into synthwave, you should checkout The Midnight. I have "Heroes" on preorder:

But I greatly enjoy "Kids" and "Monsters", which you could get today:

Next pick is Unleash the Archers. I'm a temperamental fan of metal. I can enjoy specific tracks from artists, but not handle their other work or entire albums. However, so far I haven't found a track from Unleash the Archers I don't like. They have two concept albums "Apex" and "Abyss" where they explore a story. Try the first track on Apex (listen until at least 1:30), if you like that one, there's a good chance you'll like the rest.

Bonus pick I happened to spot scrolling by the sales feed while I was on bandcamp's home page. I clicked because I recognized the image of Falkor. Who doesn't like Falkor? Anyway, the track reminds me a bit of stuff from Astral Projection.

(I admit I'm sharing mostly because of Falkor.)

I don't know how easy Astral Projection is to search for these days, but this is a classic to me track of theirs sampling some ST:TNG:


@cstanhope Oh neat. I don't remember how I first encountered this band, but I was so impressed that I bought an import copy of Another World off eBay in like 2000. Still have it and enjoy it. It felt like a much iffier proposition to use the internet to have something mailed to you from the other side of the planet.

@cstanhope Also, when I was recently (last ~2 years) searching for stuff about them -- I think I just wanted to get a sense of whether I was a weirdo for thinking this was really, really good trance, or that was the general consensus -- I found some audiophile raving about how they didn't think they even knew how good the music sounded because "they didn't have good cables."

The "good cables" were a $4500 "audiophile" IEC power cable.

@ieure I found out about them when a friend of mine gave me a bunch of recordings on a CD. Some of the tracks were apparently live sets. I went to try to do the "right thing" (around the same time as you) and support the band. After too long a wait, I finally received the CDs... a set of Jewish children's songs. I tried. 😆

@cstanhope To be fair, I only did the right thing because they were too obscure to be available for free any of the ways I had to make that happen.

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