Firefox updated a few days ago (76.0.1) and it's nearly unusably broken, but also inconsistent. Killing and restarting sometimes (but not always) fixes things.

- Lots of text shows up with the Unicode no-glyph box. Restarting usually fixes it.
- This one Wikipedia page has the title in italic Impact. No other Wikipedia pages do.
- On my home laptop only, clicking the photo upload button in Pinafore does nothing.

Anyone else seeing anything like this, or am I special?

Because maybe /
You're gonna be the one that saves me /
Cos after all /
This is

this middle-school student handbook's example of inappropriate dress accidentally created the two coolest students ever

Here's my latest keyboard, a TEX Shinobi. It's a ThinkPad X220/T420/T520 style layout, but with mechanical switches. USB-C and optional Bluetooth.

I got the kit version, and used Kailh BOX Jade switches.

Throwback to the Father's Day my elder daughter gave me a portrait of me as Armless Hitler

Hurling a femur into the sky as I discover a PAT 9000 in the prehistoric wilderness

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Even if this is faulty, and gets replaced, there could be other faults. But, I feel pretty good that this is the only problem — there aren't other symptoms, and this game was working two days ago. It's not a board pulled from a stack somewhere.

So, desoldering gun out, pull the part, install a socket, install a good part in the socket and it's working again.

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So the next tool is a HP 10529A Logic Comparitor. You stick a good part into it, then clip a test lead onto your suspected faulty part. It routes the inputs to both chips, then compares the outputs; if they're different, it lights up a LED to tell you.

This is not remotely foolproof in general, but is the right tool for this case.

And it agrees that the inputs are good, but the outputs are bad. That's a high degree of confidence that this part is faulty.

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Someone posted a big gallery of mockups of Oregon plates using words the DMV refuses to issue and

Me, an idiot: "I'll complete my yearly required training today."


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