Booted up Tails and read the SD card, it's formatted FAT32 but otherwise blank. Yay, free SD card.

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I found a SD card half-buried in the sand at the beach. While I'm 99.9999% sure it's probably someone's missing vacation photos, how frosty should I be about looking at what's on it?

Current plan is to boot tails on a laptop with a built-in reader.

Frosty enough?

@cypnk Yep... Just an indicator. Belt drive from the tuner. Either it's an electric motor or the tuner is frozen.

@cypnk Hmmm, you think so? The ultrasonic "clicker" style debuted only ~2 years before this set, I don't think anything had any other mechanism until many years after.

21", "roundie" tube. The thing up above the display is a channel indicator. The tuning dial is on the right-hand side, so there's a front-facing indicator so you can see what channel you're on.

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House was built in 1960 and is being sold by the original owner, so they bought the TV set at almost the same time. Could have been a previous model year clearance sale.

Either way, super cool set.

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It's from 1957 or '58. House around the corner from me is up for sale and I saw it in the photos of the listing. Walked over for open house and left contact info, they said I could have it for my favorite price, freeeeeeee

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It's a war crime that pulling the fish doesn't turn the light on

@dankwraith Literally every web thing is like this now, because A Package Is Required for trivial oneliners. Like is-odd, which tells you if a number is odd, and is downloaded 300k times a week and is at version 3 after seven releases.

what in the actual christ

Sir Mix-A-Lot did "Baby Got Back" with the Seattle Symphony, orchestrated by the grandson of Sergei Prokofiev?

I preordered the Playdate, and it was a low-bullshit experience. Good job on that.

They seem to be going fast, I put my order in 4 minutes after the page went live and have order number PD9279. 20,000 in the first batch, which I think is sold already.

@owashii @Elizafox Actually, this is 5July 28th, 2016 because that awful year just kept going

@djsundog I've been following these, also interested. Price is not great.

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