@wxcafe now you have me thinking about how much my current setup resembles my very old DesqView one.

It might be nostalgia for the 1950s TV show which I watched an inordinate number of reruns of in my youth, but I just don't think the world was clamoring for a gritty unshaven alcoholic divorcee Perry Mason who fucks.

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I watched the first episode of HBO's new Perry Mason miniseries, and friends, it is extremely bad.

@failtime @tomasino The ! commands are a hidden superpower and I love them. However, may I humbly submit this?

function mkcd ()
mkdir -p "$1" && cd "$1"

What idiot called it Avatar instead of 

Bender's Game

> During mixdown, Walford requested that [Steve] Albini "make the bass drum sound like a ham being slapped by a catcher's mitt," and then spilled a cup of tea on Albini's mixing board.


i5-3470T CPU @ 2.90GHz:

CPU events per second: 1127.63
Memory: 5398.08 MiB/sec

i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz:
CPU events per second: 1331.68
Memory: 5994.35 MiB/sec

@mntmn On the same CPU: 43900.51 MiB transferred (4389.30 MiB/sec)

@mntmn Not sure how to do the RAM test, but

Intel i5-7300U @ 2.60GHz: 977.88 events per second

free name for a landscaping company 

Marquis de Sod

Anyway, I put it on TheTVDB so Kodi would stop complaining about the files.

This show sank so completely, I sometimes I wonder if I have the only complete copy of the series.


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Oh, wow, ahahaha. I was looking at the Wikipedia edit history for The Message... and I created it.

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