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Okay, hear me out. What if Will Shortz had a daughter. And he named her Jean.

@ajroach42 Looks awesome. Is that the original or Pro? They just started shipping the Pro recently, and one with a color e-ink screen.

I have the Kingrow K1, but I wish I'd waited for the HiSense.

megadeth parody 

Grease Smells... but Who's Frying?

I'm glad I still have off-air DivX rips of this weirdo BBC show I watched ~15 years ago, because it sank with barely a trace.

There's a stub Wikipedia page:

... a nearly-empty IMDB entry:

... and a partial Wayback archive of the show's website:

The HAM shack is a little ol place where / we can 

--. . - / - --- --. . - .... . .-.

New disks have been installed in my NAS server. They all passed long self-test, which took ~22 hours.

I stuck with raidz2.

Starting to sync things over now.

Some of the parental controls didn't restore when I set up Ms10's new iPad, so she was very excited to find the Podcasts app and even more excited to find a near-limitless supply of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me episodes.

She's been listening to them for hours.

food crimes 

@dankwraith Let's get down to brass tacks: how cool is the ranch

@alrs I'm aware of that (and using it), but it's not sufficient on its own.

@feld I am extremely okay with coding & already know Python. And this is about as true a statement as I've ever read:

> Most automation frameworks hide the language they are written in by using some cumbersome pseudo-language which usually is almost Turing complete, but lacks tooling to debug and troubleshoot.

@feld I've tried to get it going, but the docs are atrocious & I haven't gotten it working.

@wxcafe I sort of want to try cfengine. I don't know if it sucks, I do know the docs suck.

@wxcafe I'm sure it's nice. I've been running Debian since 1.3.1 "bo" and am disinclined to jump ship.

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