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I really don't like $XDG_CONFIG_HOME. I suppose it's nice to have dotfiles out of $HOME, but the config dir sure does fill up with a lot of scm-resistant garbage.

That's <$100 on top of the price of disks, they can hot-swap, and probably no cooling issues since they're just hanging out there.

Though I guess the machine doesn't quite have the RAM to deal with that much ZFS.

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Wondering if I'm perfect-is-the-enemy-of-good-ing myself into indecision on a home NAS build. I know it's crappy, but maybe just getting a USB 3.0 enclosure and stuffing it with disks and connecting it to my existing machine is good enough.

My friend texted me that she's going to a "secret puppet meeting" which raises a lot of questions

What idiot called it Fatal Fury instead of Untitled Geese Game

Honestly just don't even know what to say about this. Every time I hear about how Apple hard/software works these days, it seems like low-rent satire.

Hmph. Mobian is very close to usable enough these days, but USB-C OTG doesn't work, which means I can't use my YubiKey, which means I can't access anything.

I am altering the beast. Pray I do not alter it any further.

If you think I'm going to unfollow you for posting about your hobby you clearly have no perspective of my tolerance for inane bullshit I don't understand on this website

I'm standing around on the sidewalk by a haunted house, waiting for it to get dark enough to make a good photo.

Hope the ghosts don't mind.

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