2,222 days of sobriety, y'all!


Food (vegan) 

Last night I made some sick ass calzones mini skulls with Daiya and field roast apple sage sausage. I got the pan yesterday and it's dope and I love it.

@thatcosmonaut @Torie@todon.nl why not both? Do some density functional theory research where mistakes may be hailed as exciting new scientific developments! (note: I'm biased bc I did this)

It's 2018 and we're measuring the JPEG compression artifacts on screenshots like we're counting rings on trees

Saw Killing Joke at Irving Plaza in NYC last night. Absolutely transcendent show

Tepid take 

The airborne poop video is high art

Gaming content 

Gawd damn the end of octopath traveler is a downright slog.

That is to say... I gotta figure out how to speedrun this shit after I divorce myself from all these insipid stories (cept primrose's - hers was cool)

Mastodon factions:

• genderpunk lefties
• botsmiths
• digital anarchists
• hardwerewolves
• solargoths
• cryptocryptids
• sparkle scholars

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mastodon is a fascinating social experiment showing that when our online communication is unfettered by algorithms enforcing corporate incentives and when given the tools to better organize and moderate our communities, we inevitably gravitate towards horny on main

Hot take 

Vegetarian / pescatarian is a diet, not an ethical stance

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