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Folks, I'm in an NFL pick-em' league this year and I'm gonna deep learn the shit out of it

@norweeg @Ryan_Palmer @caymanwent I'm on the shrub too but idk my login. I've got hella profiles on here

watch out! never use flea products on your dog that are intended to treat cats.

Sending this message from a solar-powered raspberry pi, on a sailboat in Fiji. The dream is real!

Self meta 

Been a day and a week since I logged on to Twitter and I'm FEELING IT BABY πŸ¦„β›©πŸ€—

here's a cool tip: although it is frowned on by some, you can also look into purchasing a different size mouthpiece that might suit you better, especially when you are more experienced.

flip the switch: [⏺ ] 




[Game Boy boot chime]! it's such a perfect encapsulation of the idea that the price that you pay for letting someone into your life is that they eventually, in some form or another, have to leave it.

And then it spins out into wild psychedelia. All the while, the same hypnotic and safe guitar riff ebbs and flows and ensconces.

Maybe someone will form a religion about it someday. Way Out is the Way Out by Lungfish

WiFi is out at the client site so that means I both can't check my main work email and also have fewer opportunities to dick around

hey -- skunks usually stay in litters until the fall. then, they may move away from a den on their own.

It's Friday and I don't follow enough bots

i like having the federated timeline up for lots of reasons, like: I just saw someone with the name gary@whateverinstance toot "gary" and that's it, and then delete it, and I can relate.

I love that picric acid has "OH NO" built into its molecular structure. An apt thing to say when encountering picric acid.

@katieamazing (paraphrased from idk where) there's 4 types of kids: smart, brave, evil, and uhh miscellaneous

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