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Vector monitors are cool. This one's adjusted so that the picture's too big for the screen - see how it just kinda wraps around back into the tube? mastodon.social/media/AHsLRWwH mastodon.social/media/pX0ojndE mastodon.social/media/VasWIOjA

what is this i don't even


PixaTool - converts images to palette limited pixel art.

ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh the results on here are fanatstic

kronbits.itch.io/pixatool toot.cafe/media/J9zuIQw6eHXcqP

But here's a Cyclone (or was it Comet, I get those two mixed up) on which I did the same procedure. Here's a before pic, CW'd for CL*WNS Show more

Also oh hey Mastodon, long time no toot. This week I took an F-14 Tomcat pinball down to the bare playfield to drill-polish the mylar, taking pictures as I went to help me remember in what order to reassemble it. Then I got home and realised that my SD card had gone corrupt and none of the pictures had saved, so I had to just kinda puzzle it out. That was fun. I'd show you pictures but I don't have any.

So when I show a new person around the PAPA facility, they have one of three reactions - either they think it's really awesome and they're all excited, or they look very worried and nervous, like they're secretly freaking out and can't exactly put their finger on why. The third reaction is "both of the above."

Most people never or very rarely see a pinball machine turned off. In the wild they're turned on and lit up and asking for some money pls - they're only dark when they're broken, or when the pub's shutting down for the night. Some people have a mildly creeped-out reaction to seeing deactivated arcade and pinball machines.

While we wait for the new year, please give a thought to all the workers who are on shift tonight. Let's be thankful to all the doctors, nurses, EMTs, police officers, firefighters, cab and subway drivers, hotel clerks, security guards, maintenance technicians, sysadmins, air traffic controllers, and everyone else who is not having a break tonight

Wow, the Textmode Blog is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen in my entire life.

I want to print and frame all of these, but then I realize that would be disingenuous to the form, and so I just want to set up a billion CRTs set to loop through these.


I wish that more of them were real interfaces. Our software should look like this again.

It's really weird looking at the old stereo system my family had back in the 80's, with the speaker hookups that were just bare wires we had to jam into holes, and also they didn't even have always on microphones with permanent connections back to entirely unaccountable multinational corporations who don't pay their fucking taxes. Primitive AF.

Through a miracle of editing, the guy organizing the classes made it look ALMOST like I know what I'm talking about. It's only PARTLY a cringefest. Should I post the vids here? Should I? SHOULD I MASTODON

Not everyone is gonna be able to grasp every concept. Not everyone is cut out for fixing their own things. Not everyone has the time, or the patience, or the bloody-minded stubbornness. Not every subject can be explained succinctly and remain coherent, without leaving crucial gaps. Not everyone who tries will succeed.

Some things are hard.

Some things are really complicated, and will take a long time to learn. It's tempting to try to stuff a simplified version into your head, one that'll be enough 9 times out of 10. I always felt that I was missing Something Important about electricity, because I'd always been taught by analogy and metaphor and nobody had ever sat me down and explained what an electron is and how it can be moved around. That was a BIG hole in my knowledge, and it gnawed at me.

Had a few confused faces at the end still but hey, electricity is a nightmarishly hard thing to teach and it was my first attempt, so I'm feeling overall positive and like I've learned a lot myself. Next time will go much smoother.

Did the class. The first 20 or 30 minutes were rough as hell and are probably gonna be cringetown central to watch, but it got much much better towards the end. Even had a bloke come up to me at the end and say he'd been messing about with machines for a while but none of it had clicked until I used a bunch of different coloured pens to show how bridge rectifiers worked.

The class is coming up on Thursday, and I'm intensely aware of how different it is to know how a thing works and to be able to explain how the thing works coherently to another person. So I'm on YouTube looking around to see how other people describe how diodes work - and man, this lady's got it completely sorted out in under six minutes: youtu.be/c_pqAwlV17k

Hey Mastoverse - I wanna print some really LONG schematics. Like, 2 metres long. I have a Brother 4570CDW laser printer, and I'm using the Linux drivers. I can Windows this shit up if I absolutely must. First where the hell do you get paper that's long enough to print schematics and narrow enough to fit in my printer? Second how do I stop the printer from panicking when the page never ends? Anyone got any ideas?


If the goal that solves this is "make rich people start being in love with shit poor white people", like, they kind of ARE, those shit poor white people are WHY they can keep gaming the system anyway. But they have to keep them poor for it, and they have to maltreat them to keep them riled up.

They use the white poor like guard dogs, keep them hungry and furious, and post them where they can keep out the rest of us.


> If the left fails them, they will go

As much as I hate to imagine that this is the truth -- that every white person (or at least the vast majority) is really just a sense of belonging and a decent income away from going fascist, recent events do kinda bear it out.

It's terrifying. I hope it's not the case.

But if it is, christ, I don't think that's fixable.

It's only going to be symptomatically treatable, so to speak. :\

And it's soul-crushing to boot.