Here's where two hours got me. Now it's bedtime and my knees hurt like the Dickens.

I got a really good deal on a Williams Skylab. I'm a sucker for single-player EM's, and an even bigger sucker for space themes, so this is basically DanBait. I'm gonna go for a very complete restoration this time, stripping the bottom of the playfield too.

(just don't ask about Zaccaria parts and it'll be FINE)

It's been a long day, but worth it - here, have a well-stocked, neatly-organized flipper parts drawer, now with added sanity.

Blue for Bally, green for Gottlieb, red for Williams, yellow for Data East/Sega/Stern, white for Chicago Coin/Stern.

(there are two Sterns. Old Stern came about when Mr Stern bought Chicago Coin, and New Stern came about when Mr Stern Jr bought Sega Pinball.)

In the dentist's office again, awaiting crown prep. Not looking forward to it.

oh crap I just figured it out

don't put anything on the internet you aren't willing to put on a tee shirt and wear in large crowds


for all you know it'll go viral and *that's what people will remember every time they see your face for years, or for your life, or possibly through history*



don't wear t-shirts covered in slurs and hate and shit unless you're Ready For Consequences

and that

is how the internet


The gross things that live in the room we don't go into Show more

The gross things that live in the room we don't go into Show more

The gross things that live in the room we don't go into Show more

The gross things that live in the room we don't go into Show more

The gross things that live in the room we don't go into Show more

So yesterday we decided that we were gonna Organise Some Stuff, and Ted and I went into the Back of the Back of the Back.

"The Back" is where we keep games which we're either working on, or which are fine but just don't fit in the front.

The Back of the Back is where we put major projects and games that are very broken and are not going to be fixed soon.

The Back of the Back of the Back is where we keep our shame.

(last self-boost: I have some more of these, probably about half a dozen nice ones, and my friend has enough of them. If you'd like one, let me know and I'll post it to you, just cover the shipping.)

A friend was talking about resistors as jewellery back in late 2016 and early 2017. She asked me for some - many of the resistors I'd removed or scavenged previously were either too small or, in the case of the larger ones, too ugly. I just took these ones off a Williams system 7 pinball board, since I'd just upgraded some transistors and these were no longer required. I think these might be both big enough and pretty enough for the purpose.

Anyone from the North West will be reading this in the same voice that says things like "I'll bloody dancin' hero YOU in a minute sunshine!"

(when properly calibrated, CRT-based rear projection TVs give a picture that rivals or betters today's flat-panel TVs - with the added benefit of completely black blacks, zero input lag, and light gun support. Because the tubes on which they operate are monochrome, there's no shadow mask - hence, no pixels. Absolutely beautiful images. Here's another shot of the coolant fluid damage. CRT RPTV's are available for free or cheap on Craigslist.)

Just HOW nasty is the lens cooling fluid in a CRT rear projection TV?

Well, it's not exactly pleasant. Rear projection CRT TVs are made of three black-and-white CRTs whose light is magnified through a focusing lens and then bounced off a mirror onto the back of a big Fresnel lens - one through a red filter, one through green, one through blue. The light intensity is so great that the heat of it can warp the lens, hence the cooling fluid. When it leaks, Bad Stuff happens.

Think that'll do for tonight, I've gotta get to bed and get up early and fix coin-ops. :)

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