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Dan Fixes Coin-Ops @ifixcoinops

The fact that the case is worn down to hell but the machine is still going: that's how you know it's a good one.

Lady in the bagel shop has a Thinkpad laptop, keys missing, touchpad and palm rests worn shiny. That's someone who knows good technology when she sees it, and stays with it.

The 1982 World's Fair arcade token illustration of Pac-Man has made me reconsider our view of the ghosts as the enemy mastodon.social/media/hHaf8q9V

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@thefter your genitals will literally explode and you will die to death RIP. Your headstone will read "Here lies Thefter. They finally did it."

Everyone in the timeline talking about fucking video games - just to let y'all know, a flyback transformer runs at twenty to thirty kilovolts. :)

The hell is this tankietakes thing everyone's talking about

@juicebox Local shows stuff posted from mastodon.social, federated shows stuff posted from all the other Mastodons.

@sydneyfalk although having said that I do jump back and forth between Reddit and Metafilter occasionally. I'll see a thread of people being misogynist wankers on Reddit and I'll go "Bah, off to Metafilter," and I'll go and see a hundred well-meaning lefties piling onto some poor schmuck calling them out for something or other in a really hateful and condescending sort of way, and then I'll bounce back to Reddit or just play Ms Pacman

@Balor found one: channelbeat.com/products/dance three grand, although you could probably pick one up much cheaper than that.

@sydneyfalk Reddit has good bits, off the front page, hidden, the same way that if I keep picking at this scab I'll eventually find a really neat skeleton

@Balor These days, I honestly have no idea. I haven't seen one posted for sale in a while. This one's been sitting in the Spider Pit for a while, waiting for us to get to it. They're rare in the USA but I remember nearly every arcade in the UK having one next to the Dancing Stage Euromix machines. They're not as desirable as the DDR cabs, but they are rarer, but rarity usually indicates that not many people wanted it, so... *shrug emoticon*

Sadly we're having to do an LCD conversion, since we couldn't fix the original monitor. The cooling fluid has leaked out of the CRT projectors, and once that happens, it's pretty much a write-off. But it should still look reasonably good, and display lag is less of a problem in dancing games than you'd think, especially if the volume is cranked up to 11. :)

So anyway I'm gonna try to remember to post some more cool arcade and pinball machine pics, and interact a bit more on here. Here's one we've been working on - one of the many Korean challengers to Dance Dance Revolution or Dancing Stage Euromix, this one detects when you wave your arms about. mastodon.social/media/3jrjIOqk

I bimbled about on Reddit for a while, but nobody's got any personality there. You never see the same handle twice, unless it's a joke account or a bot, and I think the size and the lack of, like, avatars or whatever just makes everyone feel anonymous. I still like reading Metafilter, but for me that's more of a reading place, not a chatting place. Here on Mastodon I'm much more comfortable just, like, chatting.

Which was nice - the internet really did bring me closer to my meatspace friends - but something was lost, there, maybe the willingness to just go right on ahead and make friends with a total stranger. Mastodon feels much more like those days.

It's been a really busy couple of weeks, and I miss Mastodon and the nice people here. Back in the late 90's and early 2000's there were people on the internet I'd talk to - complete strangers, people I'd never met, who I knew only by their handles, and we'd talk constantly. Then LiveJournal and eventually Facebook came about and slowly my internet became an extra layer, or an extra side, of people I already knew.

We need to rebuild all eight flippers on this game. Rebuilding Gottlieb flippers is a big ol' pain in the butt, so this'll likely take me a while. Have a picture of the inside, for now. mastodon.social/media/4x5ch9at