I feel like people dont remember there was a time when ads made money without profiling your every waking behavior.

And a time when people did usability studies and beta testing, without spying on people.

"Without telemetry or analytics, your writing software for users, blind."

Me: With telemetry or analytics your writing software for users, with a palantír.

I thought I saw a man brought to life
He was warm, he hacked the Grid
He was digitized
He showed me what it was to cry

Well you couldn't be that man I adored
You don't seem to know, don't seem to care
About the ENCOM board
Or sweep your arcade anymore
My game disk's empty, end of line
Light cycles have run dry
That's what's going on
Nothing's fine
I'm Tron

... To the point where having barely moderated or not moderated at all comment sections on articles or videos or whatever is irresponsible and undoes any good work the original media was intending when a small army of ignorant shouty shitheads can descend on it like a pack of cyber piranhas within the same platform to build their numbers from there. I don't get what leaving that door wide open is all about at all

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I think internet comment sections have a lot to answer for

Grousing about millennial propaganda 

Don't give me all this "adulting" bullshit.
Stop pretending the assholes who wrote for Bigass Conglomerate Section Monthly speak for us.

I don't give a fuck how old you feel.
Don't fucking tell me about how the pandemic got you to make your bed and now you do responsibility.

We're dying. We're sick, we're hopeless, we're despairing, we're hurting.

Stop equating our lives to infantilising bullshit. Stop insulting us for breaking down from these lives

Male sexuality, commonly held misconceptions 

I don't think male sexuality is anything like as straightforward as newspapers and sitcoms would have us believe, and I think we're doing ourselves a disservice by thinking about our sexuality as a switch rather than, eg, spaghetti and feathers

I mean srsly I'm all over the place, and I think more men are also secretly all over the place than let on

At least I hope so, 'cause otherwise I'm kinda setting myself up to be known as Hatsexual Dan here

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Male sexuality, commonly held misconceptions 

And the monkey nods and shows me some very specific hats in Indian cinema and I just kinda sigh and roll with it until the next spin of the damn roulette wheel. WHO THE HELL KNOWS AMIRITE LADS

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Male sexuality, commonly held misconceptions 

Saw a mate on Facebook shared a meme "A man's sexual brain is like a single toggle switch, a woman's is more like the cockpit of a fighter jet."

Mate I dunno about other blokes but my sexuality is that cockpit plus the mykeyboard.co.uk keyboard with nothing labelled and an overly excited monkey jumping around hitting things at random like "What'll it be THIS time?!" and HATS suddenly pops up on the HUD and I'm like "Hats today? Seriously? REALLY?"

Bad Day. Send Funny Pictures of Your Pets. 

Just what it says on the CW.

Boost this. It's been a long weekend or cringing and family drama and I could use some silly right now.

Other people probably could too.

Very interesting talk from European Microwave Week about how outsourcing creeps in scope until, for example, a toaster company can end up with nobody working there who actually knows how a toaster works.


This does explain a few of the more head-smackingly bad ideas I've seen in tech lately, white goods especially

Computer ads in the 1990s were such an aesthetic.

best you can hope for are underequipped cooling fans in a laptop that spin up and sound like a jet when you start really doing shit

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feeling the purr of a hard drive in use, knowing what's happening by the feel of the head seeks under your fingertips, gone. ssd just sits there. feh.

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much like the transition from internal combustion to electric vehicles, the transition from mechanical to solid state computing has definitely led to a dearth of satisfying physical indications of "compute is happening". it's like going from the noisy feedback of a 1972 chevy nova to that of a prius.

Anyway I've got some wood on my ceiling. Pictures show the freshly installed extractor fan being all up in the way, and the process of jigsawing out a gap in a board to accommodate it.

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To illustrate, these three boards all came from the same pack. I love having all this variety!

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Open 👏 Source 👏 Companies 👏 Get 👏 Off 👏 Discord

They are absolutely shit if you do anything to protect your privacy.

I straight up refuse to invest anything substantial (money/time) on an open project if the only promoted/official means for real time discussion is a closed source platform with a bad security and privacy track record.

You shouldn't either.

Does anyone have any recommendations for web comics I could follow in my RSS reader to replace the ones that have either died or gone shite over the years?

RSS is usually something I check in the mornings, so anything fun and cute would be great, and if it's queer and/or trans I'd adore it!

Please flood my mentions with fun comics to brighten my mornings :boost_ok:

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