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If we follow each other, and you post interesting things, and especially if we're on different timezones, sometimes I might scroll back through your feed a day or two in case I missed any of your especially awesome posts.

So if you get a bunch of faves or boosts from me all at once, that's why!

Sometimes people fave a bunch of posts of mine all at once and it feels kinda weird until I remember that hey, I do the same thing :)

computers as crystal magic 

there's a timing crystal that gives a heartbeat to several thinking crystals that talk to each other and to memory crystals along carefully arranged passageways of highly purified (magically-receptive/electrically-conductive) metal, with another thinking crystal purely devoted to dreaming up shapes and telling illumination crystals how to light up in patterns to produce those shapes for the (mage/user) to view so they can see what the other thinking crystals are thinking. the (mage/user) can tell the whole apparatus what to do with special hand gestures while holding yet another assemblage of crystals

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In the past 48 hours I've seen "If you use a tiling window manager you're probably a racist toxic fossbro", "if you support FOSS you're likely a liberal or a toxic fossbro", "If you use emacs you're part of the problem" and uh...

Can we just stop putting people in bins based on what tools they use and, more likely, what they had available to them when they first learned how to interact with tech?

Y'all stressing me out because I've seen these funny little takes go viral and become zeitgeist material.

internet harassment, mental ablism 

we all gotta stop jumping onto the whole "lol this person is crazy" trainwreck spectacle cycle.

i get the temptation to rubberneck, but the internet keeps pushing people to dangerous places just so they can gawk at them.

especially in video games, people seem to gravitate towards the desire for a mental health freak show, and if someone isn't the freak folks want them to be, they get pushed and prodded into deeply unhealthy states to justify to dehumanizing

whenever i read a discussion or article about some thing nowadays, i swear 25% is about the thing and 75% is about the people who made the thing and the people who like the thing and why they might be good or bad people or not

nylon slides are hotter than aluminium ones I mean, brainfart

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(there's a thing I keep hearing parents around me say when I grumble about the crummy nylon slides, they say when they were young the slides were too hot to touch. I don't think these parents have had a sneaky slide while they were the only ones at the park, 'cause if they had then they'd know the aluminium slides are even bloody hotter than the steel ones!)

(and also give you a nice shock when you get off)

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Littleun's birthday today, celebrated with a multi-playground excursion.

It's 33 bloody degrees today. We went to two wooden playgrounds and one formerly-wooden one that had been torn down and replaced with a plastic/steel one. The wooden ones were SO MUCH COOLER OMG. We didn't stay at the steelyplastic one for long because not only was everything too damn hot to touch, the whole area was just intolerably hot because of the rubber flooring.

Another fun free thing to do with your sprog, a thing we loved doing in cold weather in the pre-covid time: the Grand Library Tour. Find all the hidden libraries in your area and visit one every free day. This is definitely not one to leave to google maps because they'll hardly tell you any libraries, you've gotta find them from library network websites (ask a librarian for the address). Kids love this game and it won't cost you a bean!

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This is one of the things that OSMAnd and OpenStreetMap are actually good for, finding playgrounds. Just be sure to verify via google street view whether the playgrounds are actually playgrounds or just play equipment in people's backyards, because that's still a problem.

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Oof, not been on here in a couple weeks I think

It's been for good reasons though, I did a Lot of work at Victory Pointe and then I did a Lot of work on Improbable Island and then I went ENOUGH WORK and I found a website that reviews all the playgrounds in Pittsburgh,, and I took the littleun on a big Playground Tour

That's a thing you can do in covid times, it's still relatively safe to be outdoors in the sun even for littleuns. Plus it's free.

people are always like "wow, my social network of choice is total garbage and getting worse every day! I want to leave and go somewhere better! And No I Will Not Join Mastodon Stop Asking."

like...?? what? Why is it that there's this innate disinterest in trying Mastodon, from everyone, to the point that they dismiss the very idea as silly? they know that they can make their own Instances and defederate from all of us who are already here, if we're the problem, right? They'd get to have their own version of Twitter with any community balance they want. What keeps them away when their experience can be however they want it to be? What reasons are left?

crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

autonomous vehicles research is a scientific area of inquiry with the goal of making cars susceptible to the same pranks as wile e. coyote

I'm very worried today about climate change and COVID-19 variants.

Climate change moreso right now if I'm honest. That at least is a thing that I feel like I can translate into action or helpful inaction; I can always shave off a few more joules here and there. COVID-wise, I'm already taking every precaution to not catch or spread it, I feel like there isn't much more I can optimise there.

controversial opinion on video games 

u dont need to play the latest AAA games. u dont need the latest console / PC hardware.

There are literally thousands of brand new indie titles as well as older AAA titles you've probably missed that will run on lower spec hardware. Heck, modern AAA stuff often works fine on lower graphics settings.

There is no need to rush, these games will still be there a few years down the line, and a lot cheaper. Except online games ofc, but what can ya do

Anti-homeless malarkey 

I've seen several variations of this and comments all suggest grinding or pulling these off. That takes a lot of time and creates a lot of noise, especially at night

These spikes are usually stainless and installed by drilling and bonding with epoxy

As an alternative, forms can be made, big enough for a few bags of mixed concrete and tall enough to cover the spikes. If poured at night, they will set by morning

And it's silent

I think I realised an unconscious perception I had of exercise / working out that was wrong, and based on ambient absorption of my surrounding culture.

I was thinking it was about growth, and so was continually trying to progress - more weight / reps / steps / minutes etc. I would inevitably burn out or get hurt.

But growth is the wrong paradigm. Stability and sustainability is the right paradigm. Not “How can I do more today?”, but “What can I do every day?”.

Perma-exercise 😀

I predict that in 50 years or so, the way we use plastics today—from clothing to cosmetics to packaging—will be viewed the same way we now think of DDT or freon

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