There's these studies about how once you commit to an opinion in front of someone you're less willing to back down from it even in the face of new insights; and online in 2018 has this culture where people rush to comment on everything that happens as fast as possible, you know? Is that a good combination?


I've started feeling a kind of slight revulsion at the phrase "hot take" because it's like you're specifically signaling that it's rushed, not thought out, possibly lacking nuance, and you're proud of it.

This is not a subtoot, I've been sitting on this sentiment for at least a week


COMPUTER PEOPLE: is, in your opinion, actually legitimately properly trustworthy? If not, what do you suggest as an alternative? I was using Google's DNS servers before, and now I'm thinking that's actually kind of a terrible idea.


@ifixcoinops Yep we can't be giving our enemies social advertising. "ARGH LOOK DIRECTLY AT THIS THING I HATE" just gives them pageviews, ad money, followers, attention, and everything they want. Plus it stays in the collective mind for longer. Let shitheads die in obscurity.


@matilde @gargron I agree! One of the first things I realized upon moving to Mastodon was what a mistake "retweet with comment" was. Not only can it be used to make fun of people, it also encourages rebroadcasting things you disagree with...which is so backwards when you think about it...!

The thing that was getting me down the most on birdsite, I think, was good people retweeting harmful things, even if it was to complain about it.


Looks like my palmbook might have a bad ribbon cable.

I’m not a huge fan of ribbon cables.

Hope it’s a quick fix with a soldering iron.


Tech platforms need human curation. Facebook, et. al. profit by addicting people to the platform, often using AI. Rage-mongering, hate, and violent radicalizing content have proven addictive, & therefore profitable. Search a random news story & often you got Infowars' conspiracy-take on Youtube at #1.

AI is not a Singularity Savior or a Skynet Exterminator or even a free-will-in-exchange-for-happiness Nanny.

AI we have is a heroin druglord, peddling fascism, working for billionaire sociopaths


I resent that I even know about that moronic article. I resent that my friends and allies keep falling for the same con, and treating internet garbage like it needs to be amplified. We have to do better, because we're giving pageviews, money, attention, mindshare, power, influence, to people who have no business having it. Mastodon has done SO much better in this regard, and I hope it continues to be this way.


When social media is working properly, stupid ideas get very small audiences and are almost instantly forgotten, which is what I saw here. Meanwhile on Facebook and Twitter everyone was falling all over themselves to share the article and send it traffic, so that they could talk about how stupid it was. The left is particularly bad at this - we're a scorn-powered free advertising machine for the right's dumber ideas, and we made that article Forbes' most-talked-about story of the year.


Feature of Mastodon, or maybe just of the people I follow:

The amplifying effect of "Hey, look at what this idiot just said" seems to be dulled here, compared to other social media.

Take for instance the moronic idea that Forbes posted, of replacing libraries with Amazon stores. I saw maybe two toots about that, from new users who weren't savvy to the culture yet. People here seem to know how a marketplace of ideas is supposed to work (cont...)


What if we go back to making smart phones with physical keyboards god dammit


<< And I wonder how much misogyny plays into "serious" fantasy is written by men, grimdark fantasy, bleak fantasy, violent fantasy without any hope in it is a genre so pioneered by men that the rest of us who don't want that either choose to write YA or are forced into it >>

I'm a man and I agree.

When did being a man mean that all our stories have to be without hope or kindness?

Who made that rule?

It is a silly rule.


I had to pull the other one over to remind myself how the hell this goes back together


It's or ! Y'all should follow @ajroach42 who does Interesting Computer And Old Device Things, and @sydneyfalk who writes, builds bizarre and wonderful robots, and is generally neato.


I feel ten Internet years younger using this site. I want to download an RSS reader and start a new blog


Recap since we're in influx mode:

1. I'm Josh. Sometimes I'm "cortex".
2. I run MetaFilter, one of the oldest and one of the least shitty places on the web.
3. I do a lot of geometric art, particularly oil paintings the last couple years.
4. I am sincerely sorry/not-sorry for all the stupid puns.


every time there's an influx of new users, mastodon's all, "let me introduce myself again," "i just redid my bio so it's easily understood," "i'm posting this for the new people coming in so they don't get lost."

it's really sweet. 💗 this is also why i'm still here.

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