I'm mowing my damn lawn. I've left it for like a month and it's taken two batteries just to do the hill by the front.

Still love my electric lawnmower though. It's got a brushless DC motor, which uses a small computer and some hall effect sensors to make a DC motor run *almost* as sweet as a fifty-year-old AC motor, except with the added feature of being able to automatically increase power when going through thick grass. Hence it chewing through the juice today. :P

My lithium-battery-powered lawnmower doesn't stink, doesn't make a horrible racket, and doesn't need me to constantly fiddle with it to keep it running. Drawbacks are that it was rather expensive, and that there's an enforced break halfway through mowing while I wait for the batteries to charge - although sitting here now listening to the birds singing and the wind in the trees, that last one doesn't seem like all that much of a drawback.


Sitting here in the outdoors makes me want to get some solar panels. I think if we were in the outdoors more, we would want to protect it more.

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