I'm very disappointed in Mastodon tonight, and earlier today while I was mowing my lawn I was thinking about ways to move users to smaller instances and give them better information about which instance to choose.

Perhaps numbers or users on a given instance shouldn't be shown - I picked this instance because I didn't know what I was doing, didn't know the culture, and lacked imagination, and it's fair to assume that other people who've never used Mastodon will be just as ignorant of it.

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I'm thinking one of those word cloud things, to kinda show a rough ephemeral idea of what people on a given instance are talking about. I'm also thinking there really shouldn't be any instances around with more than a couple of thousand users.

@ifixcoinops Yeah, I got lucky that I chose an instance full of techno anarchist Canadian dads. That was nowhere in the description but sometime the fates smile on you. Also, our admin is great.

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