Looking at stuff. Being reminded of the transformer.

The idea for the transformer seemed less to spread and more to appear in the heads of a whole bunch of people all at once, as though the world was ready for such a device to exist. I see the same thing with solarpunk; the idea at once spreading from person to person, and also blooming spontaneously in people who've never heard of it before, and then go online and discover a name for it.


I think I was very much ready to have this thing presented to me that took a lot of the things I'd been thinking about for the past few years and bundled them all together in a coherent whole and gave them a name. I'd already been thinking a lot about accessibility, efficiency, oxygen, equity, repairability, beauty, greenery, DC, worker's rights, electrical safety, the power of optimism - solarpunk is a convenient wrapper for how I've already been thinking, and it extends it to new areas.

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I feel like I've just taken a whole bunch of different unrelated stuff, connected it up, and... like I've taken a bunch of resistors and transistors and etc and stuck them all in a chip. Now instead of this tangled mess of wiring I've just got a convenient box that says "SOLARPUNK" that can be plugged into other things. And which is easily transported - for example, as a single interesting word that caught my interest, as it might catch the interest of others.

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