This Bally Hi-Deal has been a nest at some point. The lightbulbs and solenoids make for a nice warm private space for mice to live. Pictures show the mechanism panel (the electromechanical computer that handles game logic) with nesting material like fluff and shredded paper. There was lots of poop in the cabinet too. I'm gonna strip it down and give it a scrub so that when I'm back inside this game fixing something else I'm not working in filth again.

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The mechanism panel, with wiring, adjustment plugs, relays, score motor and transformer removed. See the light places where the various parts used to be? This whole thing is probably utterly saturated with mouse piss.

Plywood darkens with exposure to oxygen and light, and probably ammonia from the decomposing mouse piss.

Replace the plywood if it has an odor: that piss smell is very persistent (experience from a vintage RV). Perhaps try an oxalic acid based wash if you can't replace it. I can see where you might want to retain the hardware placement.

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