I want Angelfire/Geocities but federated.

A tool that lets you make an honest-to-goodness actual Webpage® with an easy-to-use editor that includes all the various "under construction" gifs and starfield backgrounds - but with some magic extra CSS to make all this shit work on mobile and a big "JUST TEXT THANKS" button to be accessible to VI/photosensitive users.

Your web address would be like whatevs.tld/yourusername

Maybe webring functionality too, that'd be nice

Wait is this just internet

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@ifixcoinops I was gonna say that sounds a lot like the Internet haha.

if anyone reading this wants a free host that isn't quite the same as all this, here's a list:

@ifixcoinops You'd need some standardized way to to get that hypertext to the user, a hypertext transfer protocol if you will
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