I dunno if you lot know this about me but as well as fixing coin-ops, I run a little indie multiplayer text adventure game at Have done for just over ten years now. No ads, no creepy addictive game mechanics, kept alive by voluntary donations.

I'd really appreciate a boost, 'cause Project Wonderful shut down earlier this year, and we could do with some word of mouth.

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@ifixcoinops I was looking at it and uh, the bit about names, when it's listing bad names, one of those was just so... uncomfortable that I had to just close the page >.< thought you might want to be aware that there are people who would react like that, even if it's only shown as an example of what not to do


I am not really into playing text games, but this made my day:

"I see you have Javascript disabled. Good for you.
Can't say I blame you. Most websites these days try to get you to download two megs of tracking javascript to show you 3kb of text. It's total bullshit and I'm 100% behind your decision to disable it.

However, this is a game website, and it's not gonna work without JS enabled. All of our Javascript weighs in at under 100kb, and none of it is for ads, creepy cursor tracking, or any of that dodgy bullshit - it's all for convenient interface stuff. View the source if you don't believe me.

I hope you'll consider enabling Javascript and playing my game.


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