I've been setting my alarm for 6:30 the past couple of days for the Big Move, and I've been having some WILD dreams.

Did you know that DVD burners work by having a drawer full of tiny white spiders chitter around and around the disc, knocking data into the plastic via their noses?

Well I do now!

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In other news, unless you're a farmer, a baker, or a vampire, getting up while it's still dark is a bloody stupid thing to do and its popularity reflects badly on our species.

@ifixcoinops Here in Finland we really don't have a choice.

1600 now, sun has set.
It came up at around 09:00 or so. Hard to tell, due to the snow/clouds.

In June, the sun basically just DOESN'T set. Technically it does, but it doesn't really get _dark._

Not the way it gets dark in winter.

Now what does NOT make sense is moving the freaking clock around in spring/fall. That's just "hey you know that gradual light change yeah HERE HAVE SUDDEN LIGHT CHANGE BECAUSE STUPID IS BETTER THAN SMART"

@Truck @ifixcoinops The day we all finally stop doing "daylight savings time" (ridiculous term) is the day we know that we have finally advanced as a species. Either that, or society has collapsed.

@Truck Finland, yeah, you've got an excuse. Pittsburgh? SILLINESS. JUST GO INTO WORK AN HOUR LATER.

@ifixcoinops Yeah, you're basically ... Lisbon, light wise (:

You ain't got light issues (:

(really wierd that this overlay puts Köln and Calgary close to each other (: )

@ifixcoinops That's the 8x burners. The 6x ones have ants, at least the good ones do. Budget ones use wasps.

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