Oh my God I finally got rid of that butchered Pengo cab after three weeks of everyone who saw it going "WOW WHAT A GREAT DEAL SOMEONE SNAP THIS UP QUICK" and nobody bloody buying it.


I was asking $50. Someone even made a Reddit thread with the Craigslist pics going "Is this worth $50? I don't want to post the ad 'cause I'm still deciding." Page after page of people saying what are you crazy get behind the wheel RIGHT NOW - did the poster show up and buy it? Did he bollocks

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Selling online tip: eliminate 99% of timewasters by saying no texts, emails or messages, if you want it bad enough to get in the car and come get it you can jolly well tinkle my phone and talk to me with your meat mouth. Seriously I went from dozens of people asking if it's available and then ghosting to two guys racing to sort out a truck and a free schedule spot.

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