Whenever I get into something new, I tend to get carried away easily and race into the crazy fine details immediately.

So anyway that's why making a loaf of #bread this weekend led me to googling "grow wheat in back yard".

@mike Not from the mainstream stores, but lots of smaller specialist stores carry them ... Mostly from an Austrian supplier, it seems ...

@yojimbo I wonder how much it'd cost to get a scythe made locally ...

Paging @dadegroot :awesome:

@matt @yojimbo @dadegroot my god the ecosystem of specialised accessories makes Apple look restrained and reasonable.

"The scythe peening hammer has two ends to its head. The broad-faced end is typically used for peening with one of our peening anvils, while the narrow-faced end can be used with our repair anvils to perform edge repair."

I never knew scything would be so complex.

@mike @matt @dadegroot When you have a specialist tool, you have more specialist tools and techniques for maintaining it ...

@yojimbo @matt @dadegroot I can just imagine some nerdy scythe enthusiasts laughing and saying things like "Hey Bob, this guy wants to know if he can peen his scythe on a REPAIR ANVIL! Can you believe this idiot? Sure MATE, why not use the narrow end while you're at it!"


@mike @yojimbo @matt @dadegroot My house is on an awkward hill and when I moved in I didn't have a lawnmower and I remembered hours spent on the farm as a lad clearing nettles with a sickle and I went "RIGHT, I'M GONNA BE THAT WEIRDO WHO MOWS HIS LAWN WITH A SCYTHE." The thing about doing that is you have to keep the blade sharp - like, REALLY AMAZINGLY SHARP, sharper than your shaving razor. Hence all the scythe forums and scythe paraphernalia and scythe tools and scythe oils.

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@mike @yojimbo @matt @dadegroot A mate gave me the antique scythe that hung decoratively on the side of her barn, rusty, heavy, dull. I peened and honed the blade and got it almost sharp enough to mow with and then weeks later her husband went "There's something funny about the side of the barn," and she went "Oh yeah I gave the scythe away," and he went WHAT and I ended up returning it, razor sharp and oiled, and it went back on the barn to rust prettily in the rain. CHEERS LINDA

@ifixcoinops @yojimbo @matt @dadegroot that story started so well and then turned into a tragedy quite quickly.

@mike @ifixcoinops @yojimbo @matt @dadegroot Mowing your lawn with a razor-sharp scythe is metal as fuck.
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