When I wasn't looking (and I'm sure it didn't say anything) SwiftKey (the keyboard I use on android) has become "micro$oft SwiftKey".

I am kinda pissed that this happened without me knowing.

Anyone know of a good alternative?

I do use the multiple language features so would be good to keep that.

#androidKeyboard #android

@M0YNG I've been using Multiling O Keyboard for a few years. It's very responsive and EXTREMELY customizable. Like, EXTREMELY extremely.

@M0YNG Multiling O keyboard is very good, with tonnes of languages supported and good 'swipe' features.

The other possibility would be Anysoft keyboard, which is fully free/open source (though I don't think it has as many languages as Multiling O):

- https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.menny.android.anysoftkeyboard/
- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.menny.android.anysoftkeyboard


@emacsomancer @ifixcoinops thanks both. I'm tying both keyboards and funding then both good but still a learning curve.

Also, backspace deleting the whole last word? What is this witchcraft??

@M0YNG I find any new keyboard throws me off for a while.

the backspace thing might be tunable.


@emacsomancer @M0YNG I think that high be a holding-down thing, in Multiling at least - but yeah, that's changeable. The only drawback of Multiling as far as I can see is it doesn't have a great English dictionary, so the first week or so you're gonna be doing a lot of holding-on-words to tell it that, yes, those ARE real words.

But being able to make your dream layout is sweeeeeet

@ifixcoinops I haven't used Multiling for a while, but I recall there being add-on dictionaries? maybe there's a extra package which provides a better English dictionary?

@ifixcoinops @M0YNG Yeah, there's at least an "English Keyboard Plugin" for Multiling which has a description of "English dictionary plugin for Multiling O Keyboard"

@emacsomancer @M0YNG Oh yeah, I've got that one. It's just not a very comprehensive dictionary, is all.

@ifixcoinops Yeah, I think that's the only one. I didn't remember it being particularly bad, but maybe I just added lots of things to it. It's been a while.

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