I peeled all the stickers off my laptop and now it looks really bare. I'm gonna get some Ubuntu stickers, but Fediverse, where can I get Fediverse stickers? Boosts welcome

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@ifixcoinops The only ones we know of are the stickers @Draekos made.

@Felthry @ifixcoinops
I believe's admins have physicals of the stickers available still? It's been a while since I've checked

@ifixcoinops There should be a fediverse open sticker standard that specifies a universal size and shape for so different servers and services can create their stickers that fit into a regular tiling with other fediverse stickers. This isn’t manic/ironic overengineering, right?

@ScreamoBMO Maybe? You could use the same dimensions as PC case stickers.

Or let every place have its own size and shape and have a glorious riotous mess of different colours and shapes, which would tbh probably be more appropriate great, now I have to design a sticker for my single-user instance. Not sure if chore or opportunity

(If you'd like a "no such thing as serverless" sticker with a joke nobody under 30 will appreciate, )

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