Reading Low Tech Magazine's Solar Powered Website is very calming.

I could (and have) read this for hours at a stretch. Every time I spend an hour or so reading this site, I come away filled with optimism and inspiration and a way of thinking that's altered for the better, which lasts for days.

Not many websites give me those feelings. In fact right now I'm noticing how many websites do the opposite.

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@ifixcoinops do you know if there's a way to turn off The Yellow? I used to like this website, but this feature kind of hurts my face 😫

@twistylittlepassages Not off the top of my head - it used to be a Javascript thing, but it looks like it's baked in now. Possibly a Greasemonkey script

Laudable goals, but dithering PNGs is a really dumb idea. Low quality JPEGs and that page would be 100KB instead of 400KB

@craigtimpany Yeah 400kb is way too big for that page. Still way smaller than most webpages.

Still twice as big as any of mine. ;)

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