I wanna see more Xenia art rather than that crap bloody penguin

Srsly folks a big part of why I use Linux is because it's fast as heck, and Tux, bless him, does not look like a particularly nippy creature

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I mean compare and contrast here, one of these goes "Stick this on your hard drive and your computer will go like the absolute clappers" and the other one says "Mmm, belly full of lovely mackerel, time for a nice lie down, maybe I'll have a nap"

I'm sure there are more important things going on in the world but right now this penguin-vs-fox race is my absolute top priority

kicking animals as a computer metaphor 

The "Boot" in "Booting the computer" as "Booting that bloody lazy penguin out of his fish nap and telling him wake up you little butt we've got work to do, and he's rolled halfway down the hill snoring before he's even awake"

Go to boot that fox up she's already out of the way and I'm flat on my arse

It's no contest really

kicking animals as a computer metaphor 

@ifixcoinops okayokayokayo kayokayokay... BUT... what if fox but wearing tux t-shirt?

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