"Old people are bad with technology" is a meme years out of date at this point folks. Old people put the computer in its own room and before they even turn it on they think to themselves "Is this task going to be made easier by involving a computer," and if not, they don't use the computer. Old people have been way better with tech than younger generations since like windows 7

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@ifixcoinops With many exceptions, I've heard it described like this. None of these are right or wrong, they just differ...

A generation that invented computers and software.

A generation that learned how to use computers and software in isolation.

A generation with the Internet and smartphones that use computers and software without having to know how they work.

@ifixcoinops ditto with “even your mum can use this!”

Mine was taught how to code on the BBC Micro in the ‘80s (like most British school kids at the time), and despite never working in tech she has been the wider family’s unofficial tech support since before I was born. 🤷‍♂️

@ifixcoinops @onan The minority of old people who could code in machine language on front panel switches and such; most of their generational peers never saw a computer until Windows 95

@ifixcoinops Simplified: memes are bad.

My dad repaired computers for DEC. Mom calls me up to ask how to forward an email. Different relationships to computers and both work.

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