@ifixcoinops I'm all in for criticizing the US for not officially adopting SI units, but that post doesn't convince me it had much to do with our decline in electronics (and much other manufacturing). I happen to have been lucky enough to work in companies that make electronic hardware in the US. We voluntarily work in SI, and the board/assembly houses we use also work in SI. Nothing is stopping us from using SI. Out of all the problems that we deal with, SI vs imperial doesn't even register.

@ifixcoinops Having said all that, it's incredibly short-sighted of us to not officially adopt and promote the use of SI beyond defining our units in terms of SI. :(

@Sandra IDK what the current state of the art is, but I can tell you that the only PCBs in my house that there made in America are through-hole from the late 70's or early 80's.

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