If we follow each other, and you post interesting things, and especially if we're on different timezones, sometimes I might scroll back through your feed a day or two in case I missed any of your especially awesome posts.

So if you get a bunch of faves or boosts from me all at once, that's why!

Sometimes people fave a bunch of posts of mine all at once and it feels kinda weird until I remember that hey, I do the same thing :)

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@ifixcoinops this is me except weeks at a time and I just check the media page

I think it's not uncommon. Not everyone is checking Mastodon daily and maybe when they finally get back they wanna know what their favorite tooters have been up to while they were gone. Or maybe they're looking for interesting conversation threads.

@ifixcoinops Also (and going by your poll, too), because of your Mastodon post-limit, there's probably 30x as many posts to slam 'fave' on, exacerbating the effect. (ie: and I haven't been following you for very long, but the big 'managing an online community' thread of yours is an example that's, what, somewhere between 60 and 300 posts, but could be 5 posts on pleroma or 1 blog post or...)

I would hope it wouldn't feel too weird - it's published online content that someone is enjoying!
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