The problem with a table saw is that it's a table AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT BLOODY HAPPENS TO THOSE DON'T WE

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@ifixcoinops this thread reminds my of my grandfather who was an electrician and had an actual barn for his business that was full of stuff. When he retired in the early 90s I came to help him clean that out, as he moved to a new house with a truck garage that he set up as his new workshop.

@ifixcoinops during that cleanup he found an old vacuum and went "oh no, I promised so and so to try to fix this, and that must have been ten years ago". He managed to get it working and drive it over to the owner, before we went back to continue the cleanup.

@ifixcoinops this post sounds like what @gamehawk would post if she did woodworking instead of sewing.

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