Sure would suck if you spent $44,000,000,000 on a website thinking that people would keep looking at that website and then people stopped looking at that website and went and looked at a different website instead

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Oh my god I just looked up how many users twitter has

That numb-nuts wants to pay over A HUNDRED BUCKS A USER?!

hahaha what a complete jackass

Haven't used my twitter account in seven years but oh go on then

@ifixcoinops twitter always had too much prominence given how few users it had, hopefully this will right that a bit

@ifixcoinops I have at least three of those accounts, can I just get a cheque for three hundo, quit Twitter, and use it to pay for my blog hosting for twenty years?

@ifixcoinops I loved his "WHY DO YOU HATE FREE SPEECH" tantrum. As if leaving the platform isn't a perfect demonstration of free speech.

@stibbons Oh man link me up I wanna slurp them billionaire tears, got me special straw ready let's go

@ifixcoinops ehhhhh I tried looking at his twitter feed but got bogged down in his tantrum about how he never founded Tesla. It's tantrums all the way down.

@ifixcoinops I’m sure there will be enough people to support it. Look at Facebook 🤦‍♂️

@ifixcoinops i can't help imagining, for that exact same sum of money one could make the lives of so many trans girls (and trans guys, and just people suffering at the hands of capitalism in general) so much more bearable. but no, gotta buy a website

... must be quite the website to go for that much, huh. man, i wonder what's so nice about it.

@ifixcoinops Yeah, I've commented along these lines over there, I keep seeing posts saying 'stay, don't let him win' and I'm like 'Why? Let's all leave, and watch him lose money when Twitter becomes worthless.'
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