Testicle-havers of the Fediverse who've had a vasectomy, please tell me about your experience during and after

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Yeah. A couple days on the couch with a bag of frozen peas (not the same bag the whole time, don’t be ridiculous). Insurance made a $40 in office procedure @ifixcoinops. Much like a dentist appointment.

@ifixcoinops No personal experience, but the people I know who had one advise against committing to anything day of. Especially activities that require prolonged sitting in one place.

@ifixcoinops The worst part of my procedure was the crippling anxiety; I don't like having the boys handled (not even by me) and there was quite a bit of that as I'm sure you could imagine. It was quick, I was sore for a couple days. Do not expect to be having sex for at least a week, probably two. There's a surprising and unsettling feeling nobody told me about, a tugging sensation in the abdomen during the procedure. Otherwise not as traumatizing as I built it up to be beforehand.

@ifixcoinops I went under for it, because the doc recommended it, so went to sleep, woke up, job done. Healing took a while, but no ice pack needed. Just walking a bit funny for a day.

And because there are some myths and rumours around, exactly nothing changed. Except there are fewer worries.

@jens @ifixcoinops Oh yeah, no change at all for me either. That's totally a myth.

@ifixcoinops It was a quick procedure, local anaesthetic, little to no pain, no issues.

@ifixcoinops Mine was a little more invasive than most. I had a spermatocele that required extraction while the doc was in there.

It was uncomfortable for a few days. Not bad. Except for that time my daughter decided to jump in my lap, knee first. 😵‍💫

@ifixcoinops I had one meeting with an urologist who explained to me that contrary to popular belief, vasectomies should not be considered reversible (the chances to reverse it are low right after the procedure and get lower and lower as time passes) then booked the surgery.

The procedure itself went real quick, quite painful the day after the surgery that became just a bit uncomfortable after a couple days and stayed at that level for a week. That was it.

@ifixcoinops I also had a control visit a couple weeks later, all seemed in good shape.

Zero impact whatsoever on erections, sex drive or pleasure.

@ifixcoinops had mine done under local anaesthetic in the morning, back working at my desk in the afternoon. No discomfort at all. I did pay to have mine done privately, so own room before and after, nice food etc, did make for a relaxed atmosphere.

@ifixcoinops during - the guy performing it was making smalltalk with me, like I was getting a haircut

after - they were very swollen for a time, and I discovered that I should be wearing supportive briefs rather than loose boxers from researching it rather than the hospital actually telling me, which I found annoying.

@scatterkeir @ifixcoinops Yeah DEFINITELY wear supportive briefs. I actually went out and bought a size down from my usual just so there'd be even less movement than normal. Mine were definitely very swollen for a while even with that, so just take it easy during that period.

@ifixcoinops procedure itself was very relaxed. Local anesthesia obviously worked really well. Was a little sensetive the days after so it was couch and video games for a couple of days. Correspondingly would recommend taking a could vacation days, as my doc recommended.
Long term nothing I would have noticed. Only sex is subjectively even better as there's one less thing to think about.

@ifixcoinops about $800 (2000s dollars so like $1400 now), partly covered by insurance which I did not expect.

Had me sit in a chair, injected some local, and in 20 minutes it was done. I did need to make sure not to do big leg/pelvis movements for a few days but I don't remember even really needing NSAIDs. Honestly it felt no different from an average dentist visit.

About 2 months from then to sterility.

Socially, no questions asked. Possibly from brazen sexism but I've heard it's WAY easier to get access to than a tubaligation.

During very unpleasant but not painful, nurse distracted me fine. Just after I wore jeans that were too tight, you want tight but flexible. The hole was very small and I never found a scar. Didn't take long to heal enough to have sex, and I didn't even need to take more potent painkillers than paracetamol for three days to make falling asleep easier (it was just for comfort, could do without).

10/10 would recommend

@ifixcoinops the procedure itself was fine. The doctor made small talk with me, explained what he was doing, etc. It was physically uncomfortable at times, but certainly bearable. I was sore for a couple days after. Everyone who tells you to take a couple days off after (if you can) is right. Zero problems or complications for me.

@ifixcoinops what exactly do you want to know? The operation itself was not hard, didn't hurt too much. Had to shave myself the day before. Two weeks after I had to bring ejaculate to test if the operation had been successful.

@reinhard I've been mulling it over since the supreme court leak; I hesitated 'cause I read some studies that indicated long-term or permanent pain was a higher-than-expected possibility in some men. Like, as high as 1 in 20. TBH I'm feeling lucky anyway ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ

Surgical details 

Before: Be 100% certain about it!
During: It was very quick, I opted for local anaesthetic, but you can still feel the surgeon grubbing around in there, so if you're not made of strong stuff get knocked out if it's an option available imo.
After: they're not kidding about wearing tight pants while it heals, don't be a prick like me in baggy boxers business as usual and instead wear the tightest fitting underwear you can squeeze into

Surgical details 

@ifixcoinops oh yeah and still practise safe sex ie get tested for STIs between peeps, have them do the same etc

@ifixcoinops another vote for totally worth it. I had the full scorched-earth "cut out a section of the tube and cauterize the ends" type. I had occasional pain/soreness for a few months afterward, but nowhere near severe enough to bother doing anything about it.

Also, seconding the advice to just pretend vasectomy reversals aren't a thing. If you're bothered by that, it's probably not for you. I considered it a feature.

(Years later, I transitioned, and people kept warning me about HRT causing sterility. I'm just like "you mean I can have *bonus* sterility? sounds great!")

@ifixcoinops Recurring advice from everyone I talked to was to SERIOUSLY take it easy for the recommended recovery time. People who hit the gym or otherwise be active too soon regretted it, sometimes years later.

I had it done on a Friday and spent the weekend in bed watching movies and playing video games. 10/10 would recommend.

I am the exception not the rule. I was open in a nonsterile environment far too long. Doctor should have prescribed broad spectrum antibiotic. The next day think 2 large grapefruit and much pain. Basically down for a month. For two years I felt like I'd been knee'd in the groin.

In desperation, finally opted for reversal and the pain was gone.

Doctor said this happens to 1 in thousands. I had to be the 1.

@Tay0 Thanks. If you were to do it again today, what would you have done differently? Would you do it again at all?

There's no way I would even consider it again, but I know I'm the 1.

@Tay0 If I do go for it it'll definitely be at a urologist and not a doctor's office. Thanks for sharing your experience.

The doctor that did it was a urologist in his office. He just had some trouble down there on me. After giving me the pep talk, saying it was a 15 minute operation. Took about 50 minutes. Some of that was waiting for more local to take effect after I announced, "I'm feeling that".

Cringing as I type.

@Tay0 Oh no oof

So if things go south during, expect it to continue going south, is what I'm hearing

You'll most likely be fine. I am the exception. Odds are greatly in your favor unless you're the 1 like me.

@Tay0 See this here is what I'm afraid of, the docs and the general public say it's a one-in-a-thousand shot of things going bad and then I look up actual studies and see more like 1 in 20 - and then when I ask, nineteen people say yeah absolutely 100% fine and you're the twentieth.

So I'm, like, well yeah well I also own a table saw so ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ

@Tay0 Man I'm sorry.

(must especially suck with so many going oh aye 10/10 would recommend huh)

BTW, I liked the testicle-havers description of our category.😂

@Tay0 I didn't want trans women who'd had vasectomies to feel left out. ;)

(haha yeah it's still an amusing way to phrase it. Ball-bearers! Holders of the nuts!)

@ifixcoinops secondhand experience from my husband, and from England - don't plan for anything day-of, don't do anything strenuous for a week, and you might want slightly snugger underwear after. But otherwise, it's super simple.

@ifixcoinops Procedure was fine. Docs strongly adviced for full knockout, since its not painfree 100% , and I am happy to having done that. Seems I had a bit of bad luck afterwards, everything went blue for a couple of weeks, but not too painful. Problem was, I couldn't be declared sterile for about 10 month, bc. the spermiogram always showed 1 or 2 of the suckers. I was assured that this was extraordinary, lucky me. All in all worth it, of course.

@ifixcoinops No big deal. I've had worse dental procedures by far.

By chance I got mine during a time of grief in my life. My dad was dying, and others in my family had died. Consequently it had some emotional impact — it marked a stepping through of the generations. Depending on your emotional relationship with fathers and fatherhood, you might keep an eye out.

I haven't regretted it even once, ever. Five stars would do again.

@ifixcoinops Basically echoing everyone already answering - the procedure was painless, just a bit weird. Recovery took a few days, trying not to move around.

After recovery, no way to tell anything was different except a 'morphology' checkup showed I was now shooting blanks.

@ifixcoinops went very well. Suggest listening to doctor and don’t try to exercise even if you feel good. Get a jock strap to help hold ice.

No change in sex other than so much better to not have to pause to find and use a condom.


@ifixcoinops as a former uterus-haver i cannot help myself from saying that the pain, mess, and inconvenience of any of my periods was worse than any of the reports so far. and i didn't even have very bad period symptoms!!

am i saying every testicle-owner should be given a vasectomy every month? i…i guess not. did i think this through? also no

@ifixcoinops @otfrom mine was straight forward and a bit sore immediately afterwards (certainly wasn’t in a state to be running up any staircases!) but back at work the next day, no lasting pain. It was completely unremarkable really other than feeling a little awkward making small talk with a nurse with no underwear on.

@ifixcoinops it didn't hurt at the time, but it hurt a little bit after. My stitches were meant to dissolve, but they didn't, so the doctor pulled the remaining thread out which was the most painful part!

I literally walked over 10,000 steps the day after surgery with no real problems apart from a slightly John Wayne stance 😅 I wear boxers and they were fine.

This was last year. No regrets at all.

@ifixcoinops they give me drugs: the twelve hours high was a plus.
IMPORTANT: don't stop using protection until you get a zero-spermogram.

@ifixcoinops The doctor though that I was sufficiently anesthetized, but I wasn't.

I wish I had done that years earlier, like when I was 18.

@ifixcoinops It was fine. Not too painful, no issues afterwards. The reversal, not so much.

@ifixcoinops It's a LOT more painful. Involved a general anaesthetic, became infected, cost almost £4k, and ultimately didn't work. :/

@ifixcoinops Cheers! More money and IVF later and we got there though :)

Had mine four weeks ago. Get someone to drive you home afterwards. Two days off work. Supportive underwear recommended: no dangling. Stayed off the bike for ten days.
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