Road Show. Why'd it have to be Road Show.

Red and Ted here use the same mechanisms as Rudy from Fun House, with all the same problems. This game hasn't had a good go-over in a while, so everything's filthy and slow.

I'm gonna be in this one for a while, and these two are gonna be staring at me the whole time like a pair of Tesco Value Terminators.

The awful things in my dishwasher 

It might be time to retire my TV.

The boardset is kinda beyond my abilities. I've got one last idea for what the problem could be, so I'm waiting for some parts to arrive in the mail. If these parts don't fix the problem, then it all out of ideas.

Going to see a guy about projectors later today.

Unexpectedly emotional.

Oh my God I finally got rid of that butchered Pengo cab after three weeks of everyone who saw it going "WOW WHAT A GREAT DEAL SOMEONE SNAP THIS UP QUICK" and nobody bloody buying it.

I got a watch, and it's great.

I haven't worn a watch since phones were a thing. When I stopped wearing a watch, I could pull out my phone and glance at the screen and put my phone away again. Now to do the same thing I have to wipe my hands off, tease my phone out of my pocket being careful not to get it or my jeans completely filthy, turn it on, and get distracted by a million notifications because my phone is a distraction machine.

$20 to avoid all that sounds like a great deal to me.

We've borrowed a bunch of games on the understanding that we'll make them nice and give them back after three years. Many of them are completely trashed but the deal is done. Working on an MPU from a Quicksilver now.

Putting it back together after a good clean and a soak of the clutch washers.

We can see that this one particular coil is indeed faintly magnetized. This means the armature returns in a delayed or unreliable way, which causes the affected horse to coast to a gentle stop rather than halting immediately. As a temporary measure we can give the coil a good bash with a hammer to scramble its electrons.

This bank of solenoids control which horse runs. The motor tries to run all of them, and a solenoid energizes to release the brake on a specific horse. I'm gonna sprinkle some iron filings over this to see if anything's become magnetized, which was a problem last time I was in here.

Animal byproducts in very old pinball machines 

Animal byproducts in very old pinball machines, extra gross 

Animal byproducts in very old pinball machines, extra gross 

Animal byproducts in very old pinball machines, extra gross 

Animal byproducts in very old pinball machines 

So, the issue was that the game would not complete its startup sequence until all horses were behind the starting line, and horse #3 had particular problems making it back. I last addressed this horse unit three years ago, using entire cans of carburettor cleaner to rid it of seized-up grease - now it's settled a bit, it needs further maintenance.

This is our only non-vegan pinball machine so I'm gonna CW further entries in this thread. This is probably gonna get gross.

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