What the hell, there's not even any dust inside here. Pictures show an amazingly clean power supply and computer board for a Donkey Kong cocktail.

They don't even SMELL like arcade machines. They smell kinda like a school somehow

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Victory Pointe guy has two new cocktails, a Donkey Kong and a DK Junior. Normally VP Guy buys games that are really bollocksed and I fix them up for him and grumble that he should be taking me with him to the trades, but this time he did good. REALLY good. These are the tidiest cocktails I've ever seen.

Just look at this coin mech. You ever seen a 40-year-old coin mech this clean?

Alright so these wooden panel thingies now have dowels in place and I can reveal their disappointing function: they're holders for these bougie privilege goggles I got in payment for some arcade fixin' I did earlier this year.

They go pretty well with the PS4 controller/projector remote holders I made earlier.

I wanna do some for controllers for other game systems and just have this whole wall full of things that used to live on the couch. I think that'll look quite jolly.

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These pictures don't really show up very well, but there are a lot of mosquitoes (and minimal other insects) stuck in the screen on the exhaust side of the fan.

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The smell of wood stain and pre-stain conditioner always - always - makes me feel calm and good. Even on a very bad day. Even during really worrying times.

When I walked past a hardware store in March of 2020 and smelled sawdust, I felt tension abruptly leave my body.

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Makin' a thing. You can guess if you like. Clue: there will be two of these the same, then one different but to do another part of the same job.

I spent yesterday digging a big long hole and today filling it with pipe and dirt. Pictures show the trench without a pipe in it, about 50 feet long, going down a hill. Did this with a spade, pickaxe and reciprocating saw - it'll need some topsoil and grass/clover seed to finish the job.

Shouldn't have bloody waited two years to put this back together

Alright, one child-decorated keyboard. Images show two halves of an Ergodox keyboard in Dvorak layout with relegendable keycaps (intended for point of sale systems but pretty nice to just straight-up type on) decorated with all sorts of scribbles, patterns and text. Some highlights: the backspace says "oops" in red ink, there's a sun on the ',AO arrangement (prob doesn't show up in photo), and a cat key next to the Xenia key.

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You just print out a sheet with the letters you want on it, decorate, cut out and put the paper in the keycaps. Pictures show an in-progress decoration and a previous iteration with Xenia keycap by @QuestForTori

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Made a little box for the projector/amp/raspberrypi remotes, hung it on the wall next to the PS4 controller mounts I made last year

Guess I'll do Xbox 360 controller holders next?

I was just shifting this awkward low boi here. You might recognize the control panel from my profile pic. This is called a Jaleco Lo Pro, and when I first laid on it I thought it was the ugliest arcade machine I'd ever seen, but after a while it really grew on me!

See it's like a candy cab in that it's smol and you can sit to play it, but it's wooden and it's the right height to sit or stand.

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Not terribly neat joints but they're holding. There are a couple of other green spots that'll probably start dripping any day now and I'll get to those when I get to them. Whole-house pex rebuild in my near future.

The problem with a table saw is that it's a table AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT BLOODY HAPPENS TO THOSE DON'T WE

The one clean corner, cleaned because the water pressurizer was leaking. Image shows an oasis of calm and cleanliness not even one metre square, in which sits a water pressurizer. Nearby is a haphazard stack of pieces of wood, most of which are too small to be of any real use. The person who took the photo is posting his filth crimes on the internet instead of cleaning it up.

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I am bad and I need to be punished. Image shows another close-up. Pinball people will notice some parts of a backbox, so messy that you can't even tell what game it is. Everything is very dusty as well as disarrayed. It is a horrible trash dump

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How did I ever let it get THIS bad. Image is a close-up of one of the piles. A broken Roomba sits mournfully on top of a heap of random projects.

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God look at this horrible mess

Image is a very messy workshop with crap everywhere, nothing easily found, a nightmare made by a grievous trash monster with no place in polite society

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