On this Nakba Day, an offering: pick up copy of Palestine + 100 by Comma Press.

It's a collection of speculative fiction by Palestinians. The premise of the collection is simple: It's 100 years after the Nakba, the beginning of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

13 May 2021, local residents in Glasgow won the release of two people who had been detained by immigration officers by surrounding the vehicle and blockading it for several hours.

Racialized violence. 

Believe it or not, Palestinians are having to sit here in the diaspora and listen to people say things like "no context as usual" and "we don't know what started it" about a video showing violence and desecration of Palestinian bodies- dead and alive.

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A reading list I made of Palestinian speculative fiction and non-fiction (incl. essays, poetry, short and long form fiction) available in English:


“The workplace in modern America is a terribly imbalanced place when it comes to the power dynamic,” says Benjamin Dictor, a labor lawyer. “Unfortunately, there's no law that says that your boss is not allowed to be an asshole.” That means not everything they do is going to be an act of unlawful retaliation.”


Book Riot built a commented list of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculative novels written by Latinx writers, and my Terminal 3 made the list. Would you please consider perusing the catalogue? :unarist:


When I was a kid in the late 80s, early 90s, one of my favorite TV shows was the corny Super Friends cartoon. I begged my parents for the action figures and they asked me to pick only 3, since that's what they could afford. My choices: Robin, Wonder Woman and The Penguin. That was probably the first manifestation of my queer identity.

With all the packing I've been doing I don't check Mastodon often, as I don't have access to it on my phone. I like the change of pace, considering how pervasive twitter had become in my life. I do have Instagram now though, but there is a certain respite in the act of scrolling through those pictures and videos of landscapes or pastries.

Decoded Pride Issue #3! is a story-a-day anthology of speculative queer fiction and comics by queer and trans creators. My story Platinum Venus will be released on June the 10th. decodedpride.com/decoded-pride

> Unremarkable creatures scurry, swim, hop or fly around, over or under the indifferent scrutiny of whatever perceptual organ happens to quickly scan yet another being without much more than an acknowledgement there is somebody incased in some body at that time: you are a stranger, detected only to be almost immediately forgotten."

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Last boost reminds me of the opening paragraph of a story of mine I never got to sell:

" The fact of simply being unique is not enough to stand out as an individual when you are just one amongst billions of members of yet another one of thousands of sentient species scattered across the galaxy. >

A note made in Reykjavík a long time ago: "There's a difference between being interested and being interesting. When you live around Nature that could snuff you out in a moment, is demonstrably visually constantly larger than you, being more interested rather than trying to be more interesting is probably an excellent survival response."

It seems that there are two major tiers of people on Mastodon: the ones that created an account on here in case they had to flee twitter because of MAGA in 2017, but never used this social network actively, and the ones who created twitter in case they had to flee twitter because of Musk in 2022. I decided to just make my twitter account private and stop logging on, but if I end abandoning this mastodon account it will probably be for IG, not twitter.

One of the reasons why I'm not using this as I should and seeking more connections is because in one month and 2 days I will be on the road, as I move from the East Coast to the West Coast. I will be mostly quiet in May as there's lots of boxing and house stuff to do, but hopefully I'll be able to share lots of road trip pics in June. :)

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