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Hello, Fellow Mastadon-ers!

I’m a teacher and historian.

If that other place is any guide, I will be posting about my (3) kitties, cute animals in general, my teaching, and the ‘Morse’-universe (consisting of ‘Morse,’ ‘Lewis,’ and Endeavour’) here. :p

So Wotan and the tiny dragon set out to find the magic pirate or something so that Wotan could go back to his own time.
"How do we find the magic pirate or whatever?" asked Wotan.
"Maybe we should look in these tall grasses," said the tiny dragon
And so they went into the tall grasses and a wild mew appeared!

please allow me to share the kitten owned by one of the kids i tutor

Wotan feared he was now trapped in the time of dragons but then the tiny dragon was like "hey, you know what? There's like a magic pirate or something who could help. You should give that a shot."

And Wotan was all like "yeah okay."

And so Wotan and the tiny dragon sent forth to find the magic pirate...

I have accumulated PokemonGo friends from all over the world. I only have one from South America (Uruguay) and none from Africa. Are there any players from Africa who want to trade gifts? You'll be getting them back from the east coast of the USA.

(They turned off the wifi in Antartica so I am not holding out any hope there.)

Me:: I'm a whole person. Human being.

Y'all:: you are an interesting acct w good content I can rage against

Me:: that's... Not what I said

sorry I don't carry cash, all I've got in my pockets is some loose teeth and a key to an old haunted jewelry box :/

Here’s the final version of that wip painting I posted last night! I’m super happy with how it turned out😊😊

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