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🌠nb lesbian
πŸ’›16 (01/28)
🌠they/them or she/her
πŸ’›i play a lot of minecraft and splatoon and let's go pokemon
🌠feel free to talk and interact with me unless youre over age 25 then dont follow me
πŸ’›i love meeting new friends
🌠if i have you blocked and you don't know why, dont take it personally

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a little bit of :3 in my life
a little bit of owo by my side
a little bit of uwu is all i need
a little bit of ;w; is what i see
a little bit of ^w^ in the sun
a little bit of ouo all night long
a little bit of x3 here i am
a little bit of >:3 makes me your man

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getting whipped cream directly from the cans teet is one of the best things about having opposable thumbs

also apparently the wolf thing has been going on for years according to my friend at the time, this one middle schooler who was a little older than us visited cuz he moved out years ago before i came and my friend was like "hes the pack elder hes so wise" i jggggrhrhgrhfhdhfbfbfhchcgdgdvdh

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when i was in 4th and 5th grade my family moved into apartments and all the kids there (and some from my class) roleplayed werewolves all day and i joined in and i got elected as the second alpha. it was really fucking weird thinking about it because there were so many weird rituals thats mostly just mimicking wolf noises and beating eachother up GOD i feel so sorry for my neighbors

i cant stop thinking about hamtaro so im going to post every hamtaro pic on my phone

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